Corrosion Protection Tape H3453

H3453-corrosion-protection-tapeGalvanic corrosion occurs when metals with different electrode potentials are in contact, in an electrolyte, due to one acting as an anode, and the other as a cathode. The result is that one metal will corrode faster than normal ( anode ), the other will be completely inhibited ( cathode ).

In some cases, it is required to happen for a certain function, for others it is not wanted and requires preventing for something to function efficiently.

corrosion-protection-tape-rollH3453 Corrosion protection tape is one method that can stop the process happening entirely. 
It is a plastic film with an adhesive backing, which when placed between two metal surfaces, breaks the electrolyte process, preventing galvanic corrosion. It is a perfect solution when bringing two metals such as aluminium and steel together, and the adhesive backing helps the application process, ensuring a flat, corrosion resistent surface which your other metal can be applied to, making it an efficient and cost effective application.

H3453 corrosion protection tape is available in rolls, sheets and die cuts, of which can be combined to allow you to get the right size required. Rolls and sheets can be shipped immediately, but with the exception of certain die cuts, dependent on order quantity we can produce specific die cut shapes for your needs.

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You can view our instructional video on corrosion protection tape below.