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Custom Printed Safety Tape & Signs on the Canon Colorado 1650


After introducing our custom printing service last year, we are happy to announce we can now offer you an improved custom printed safety tape and sign service.

Increase safety and highlight your brand in one cost-effective package.

Reduced Custom Printed Safety Tape Turnaround Times

Alongside our existing Mimaki printer, the new Canon Colorado commercial printer allows us to reduce turnaround times and improve efficiency even further, allowing us to print custom designs onto all manner of safety tapes and signage with ease!

Canon Colorado 1650

The new Canon Colorado 1650 is a large commercial printer with room to print on rolls with a maximum width of 1625mm, allowing us to print onto any of our wide-width markings or non-abrasive tapes.

The Canon Colorado uses a next-gen UVgel for the print, heated to turn from a gel to a liquid, and then set using a UV head. This allows for excellent print-finish durability with more flexibility, which is very important for our products.

With an automated media feed and roll winding that will house up to two rolls of material, after initial set-up, the printer can be left to go to work, printing up to 159 m2 per hour on gloss settings. With automated head malfunction detection, any nozzles that get blocked will be shut off and allow the rest to compensate; the system will clean and restart that nozzle when the time is right. This results in a fine finish that has minimal fuss to process.

The Canon Colorado is exclusively for printing on marking tapes or non-abrasive anti-slip tapes. Our Mimaki printer is exclusively for abrasive custom anti-slip tape printing. Our fleet of printers produces excellent results no matter what tape you choose to print your message or branding on.

Heskins Custom Safety Tape Printing Service

  • Vibrant, durable print finish
  • Full-width print
  • Full-colour print
  • White print possible
  • In-house designers
  • Reduced turnaround times
  • Low MOQs

Our MOQ requirements are as low as we can make them, allowing you the option of small runs of printed tape should you require them.

We can print on to large sheets and full rolls, die-cuts and rolls up to 30 metres in length.

Please provide print-ready artwork when possible (PDF or .ai), but if you do not have it, please discuss your requirements with us, and our in-house design team can put together some print proofs for you to approve before printing commences.

Reasons to Use Custom Printed Tape

  • Get unique messages across
  • Use company colours and imagery to increase brand awareness to create your logo tape
  • Ups your level of professionalism
  • Adding images and graphics to further demonstrate a point, overcoming language barriers
  • Branded tape is a clever way to promote your brand in a multitude of areas
  • The tape can provide qualities such as being anti-slip
  • If you require the tape in a marine or frequently wet environment, there are types of tape we can print on to help deliver your message on boats, planes, indoors and outdoors

We can distribute our branded tape worldwide, so everyone is welcome to send in enquiries.

You can contact the sales team by phone or live chat if you enquire further about our custom-printed safety tape service. Alternatively, complete the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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