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Custom Safety Tape from Heskins Ltd


Custom safety tape is a speciality of ours. Read the blog post about our recent solution for a customer requiring custom anti-slip products.

Here at Heskins Ltd, the speciality of crafting custom safety tape isn’t just our business; it’s our passion. We thrive on solving unique problems because that’s what pushes our innovative boundaries and makes our customers delighted with solutions they simply can’t find elsewhere. So, let’s dive into a recent challenge we tackled involving the creation of custom anti-slip products.

We found ourselves in an intriguing situation when an inquiry came our way from a Middle Eastern company that was battling an ongoing problem. This firm, a renowned manufacturer of metal components for bustling public car parks, required top-notch reflective materials to enhance the visibility of their products. Over the years, they had been obtaining these materials from other providers. While the reflective tapes they bought had high-quality reflective properties, durability turned out to be the Achilles heel.

Can you imagine a public car park in a city centre? Vehicles of all shapes and sizes continually passing over these components, putting a tremendous amount of strain on the reflective tapes. Unfortunately, the tapes they used couldn’t withstand such intense usage, quickly degrading until they lost their utility. The company turned to several major reflective tape manufacturers worldwide, yet none could offer a viable solution. That was until they reached out to Heskins.

At Heskins, we view problems not as roadblocks, but as opportunities for innovation. Accepting the challenge, we started to brainstorm, focusing on finding a solution within the problem itself. We swiftly recognised that no standard reflective tape could endure such heavy traffic. The impact and surface torque were just too great. It dawned on us that we had to build a material from scratch, a product that could be robust, hefty, and yet maintain high reflectivity.

Do you ever wonder how new solutions emerge? Well, we decided to experiment with our H6612 microprismatic tape as the foundational element. This metalised, DOT-approved reflective tape is designed not to suffer from water ingression, a common problem with air-sealed reflectives that haven’t undergone hot blade cutting.

But how could we make this tape resilient enough for a bustling car park? The answer lay in something robust yet transparent enough not to obstruct the reflective properties of the final product. Our H3415T clear Coarse Resilient anti-slip tape seemed like the perfect fit. This Heskins original material turned out to be the ideal solution—extremely hard-wearing, highly reflective, enduring, and able to be slit to their stringent tolerances (+ 0.2mm/- 0.2mm).

What’s the end result? A pleased customer who had been previously informed by some of the world’s largest reflective tape companies that his requirement was unachievable. Heskins team’s ingenuity, however, proved that there’s always a solution—it’s just a matter of thinking outside the box.

At Heskins, we are motivated by these opportunities to help our customers overcome their challenges. It’s our mission to offer top-tier, reliable, and innovative solutions, no matter how complex the problem may seem. So, do you have a problem that needs a unique, bespoke solution? If so, why not give Heskins a try? You may be surprised at what we can achieve together.

We love solving problems by creating custom anti-slip products for your business needs. You can read more about our available custom solutions on our services page. Should you wish to enquire about the custom services we provide, you can get in touch with us right now via phone or live chat. Alter­natively, please complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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