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Custom Safety Tape from Heskins Ltd


Custom safety tape is a speciality of ours. Read the blog post about our recent solution for a customer requiring custom anti-slip products.

We always love to produce custom safety tape. We like to solve unique problems, problems get our minds thinking as from this we gain happy customers with solutions to their problems that are unobtainable anywhere else in the world.

We received an inquiry from a Middle Eastern company that has been struggling to get any resolution to an ongoing problem. The company produces metal components for high traffic public car parks.­ They need good quality reflective materials for use on their products. They have been purchasing these materials from alternative providers.­ The reflective tape properties they have purchased are good, they provide excellent reflective properties.­ The problem is durability. As the vehicles pass over, the tapes rapidly degrade, soon becoming useless, so they contacted some of the world’s major reflective tape manuf­ac­turers. None could provide a solution but that all changed when they contacted Heskins.

Custom Safety Tape Manufacture

We took on the task knowing that somewhere there is a solution in the problem!­ We soon realised that no reflective tape can withstand that amount of traffic, there is simply too much impact and surface torque for a tape such as this. We decided that the entire material had to be built from a new construc­tion, it needed to be heavy, tough yet still highly reflective. We used H6612 microprismatic tape as the base. This is a metalised, DOT-approved reflective tape. Being metalised, it will not suffer from water ingression which can affect air-sealed reflectives that have not undergone hot blade cutting. To make it durable enough for this application we knew that we needed something tough but also highly transparent as to not affect the reflective properties of the final product. H3415T clear Coarse Resilient anti-slip tape immediately came to mind! Heskins created this special, unique material and it works perfectly. Extremely tough, durable, highly reflective, long-lasting and slit to their demanding tolerances (+ 0.2mm/- 0.2mm).

The customer is extremely happy, he was told by some of the world’s largest reflective tape companies that nothing could be achieved but the Heskins team proved it could!

We love solving problems by creating custom anti-slip products for your business needs. You can read more about our available custom solutions on our services page. Should you wish to enquire about the custom services we provide, you can get in touch with us right now via phone or live chat. Alter­natively, please complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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