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EN 13522 and Heskins Data Sheets


At Heskins, we like to ensure our customers can be confident with the quality of our safety materials. In this post, we discuss our testing process, data sheets and EN 13522.

As an anti-slip tape company, we have an expensive and unique policy. We never test inhouse for any data sheets or official technical information. We are alone in this policy which has made us question whether it is the best path, but we strongly believe it is! We see so many anti slip tape data sheets that we have real doubts about, the figures often look strange or in some cases completely impossible to achieve! There are even products claiming to achieve high levels of slip resistance to EN 13522. EN 13522 has nothing to do with slip resistance, it relates to production of fabric materials. This shows how dangerous internally produced data sheets are, we now have companies completely inventing non-slip standards that do not exist. For more information please read our blog post on incorrect anti-slip regulation standards.

We send all our materials to reputable and external testing facilities for anti-slip tape, not only do we then reference those testing numbers (so you can even contact them and check) we also, on request, provide the unadul­te­rated original testing reports. We do not want any of our much-loved customers to have doubts about what we produce for them, we want them to be 100% certain on the probity of our anti-slip tape. The importance cannot be over-emphasised, if there is ever an insurance claim and a defending lawyer wants to prevent the claim going further, they can simply dig further into the data sheets, unlike all others we can provide backup on all the tests, all performed externally by competent labora­tories.­

For our anti slip tape Pendulum Coefficient of Friction tests (how grip levels are measured) we only use Sotter Friction Testing in California. Dr George Sotter is without doubt the world’s foremost expert on anti slip, he sits on numerous worldwide anti slip committees including the influential UKSRG (UK Slip Resistance Group). Sotter Friction Testing has recently been confirmed as one of the world’s most accurate slip resistance testing facilities, more information can be found here. This endorses that Heskins makes the right decisions by testing externally at elite locations such as Sotter. If you want to be certain that you are getting the best, that you are receiving the real data and that you have the best reassurances should something go wrong then we are the only ones you really can trust.

For our current and future reseller customers, we offer a download suite that allows you to have unlimited access to our high-resolution photo library as well as our data sheets. For more information on that, or to receive our data sheets individually you can contact our sales team by phone or live chat. Alter­natively fill out the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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