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Even Penguins Need Slip Protection!


Gentoo penguins are the fastest underwater swimming penguins (incredible speeds of 36km/h or 22mph), they thrive in some of the world’s harshest environment and even build shelters out of local stones to protect their nests, yet even these fantastic creatures need help with slip protection!

The Deep: Where Penguins Meet the Public

One place where Gentoo penguins and the public come together is The Deep, an outstanding aquarium located in Hull, northern England. The Deep is a world-class facility that provides visitors with a unique opportunity to find mysteries of the deep sea and encounter a variety of marine life, including Gentoo penguins.

Recently, The Deep opened a new penguin enclosure that includes a spacious swimming pool, a snow generator to replicate their natural habitat, and even a picturesque riverside view. It was designed to provide an enriching and comfortable environment for the penguins while allowing visitors to observe and appreciate these fascinating birds up close.

Slippery Situations

However, within just ten minutes of the enclosure’s grand opening, an unexpected issue arose. The penguins, known for their agility and grace in the water, were having trouble maintaining their footing on the enclosure’s flooring. The combination of water and specialised snow, which creates a more natural setting for the penguins, turned out to be a challenging surface for them to navigate.

While Gentoo penguins are exceptional swimmers, their terrestrial movements are not as graceful. On land, they waddle and often slide on their bellies, which is endearing to watch. However, for their safety, it’s essential to ensure they have secure footing to prevent accidents and injuries.

A Happy Ending with Anti-Slip Flooring

Recognizing the need to provide the penguins with a safe and slip-resistant environment, The Deep decided to take action promptly. The solution was to install an anti-slip floor that would offer the Gentoo penguins the stability they needed to move comfortably on land.

Anti-slip flooring is designed to enhance traction and prevent slipping, even in wet or challenging conditions. It provides a textured surface that offers grip and stability, making it ideal for areas where slip accidents are a concern.

“Sole”-ful Penguins

As the installation of the anti-slip floor progressed, the penguins quickly adapted to their improved surroundings. Visitors could once again enjoy watching the penguins move about confidently, without the risk of accidents.

In the end, it was a happy ending for both the Gentoo penguins and the visitors at The Deep. The penguins could continue to thrive in their new enclosure, and guests could marvel at their antics without worry.

A Penguin Parable

The story of The Deep and its Gentoo penguins serves as a reminder of the importance of slip protection, even in unexpected places. While we often associate slip resistance with human safety, it’s evident that animals, too, benefit from such measures.

As for the penguins, they may not be fans of rock music, but they certainly appreciate a solid footing. After all, for Gentoo penguins, it’s all about that “sole” security.

For more information on The Deep and their incredible penguins, you can visit The Deep’s website.

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