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Form Over Function Causes Injuries


A Borough Council has committed a cardinal sin when it comes to new street works, putting too much focus on form and forgetting about function and safety…

A Welsh Borough Council (a Borough Council is a British form of local government) has broken the cardinal rule of working with steps: highlight the leading edge! The article below is from one of the UK’s leading newspapers, it shows very clearly that they ignored all guidelines for public safety and created camouflaged surfaces split over two levels, the results are over 20 injuries since installation.
Solution: the solution is simple, a differentially coloured strip on the leading edge would easily resolve the issue, typically Heskins installs an anti-slip tape strip of yellow, black/yellow etc just on the edge, this then safely marks and informs the user that there is a change of level. Simple things can be achieved with coloured anti-slip tape that easily and effectively resolve problems not just skid related!

The article can be read at

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