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Friction Roller Covering – A Guide from Heskins


Hazard tape is always popular, but at present for social distancing measures, it is number 1! Read about shaded hazard and social distancing anti-slip tape.

Friction roller covering is a common use for the specialist range of self-adhesive embossed anti-slip tapes which Heskins produce. The grip is required for many friction roller applications including coiling machines, fabric handling rollers and covering drive rollers on conveying systems. On a conveyor belt, our customers will typically use Heskins friction tapes to provide extra purchase and grip. Nip rollers (often called squeeze points) need grip to help a product travel through them effectively.

Friction Roller Covering Application

Most customers will wrap the friction tapes around in a spiral effect, covering the web width to maximise the purchase of the fabric, carpet or other web fed product. Normally a soft embossed anti-slip tape is used for soft fabrics such as brocade whilst with a harsh abrasive product such as woven carpets then something tougher is used.

Most commonly used Heskins anti-slip tapes to be used as friction roller covering are H3450 Coarse Resilient, H3418 and also H3408N black Resilient. The embossed surface on these products is a cohesive whole, reducing the risk of dirt collecting on the surface or within the embossed surface itself as there are no hidden crevices where dirt can harbor. The surface is also a non-abrasive, with a rubber-like finish that prevents damage to anything passing over or through the rollers.

Heskins offer various sizes and perhaps less important for this application, colours, to help you get your exact requirements when choosing your solution.

Heskins as always is happy to provide expert advice and samples. Simply get in touch with the sales team by live chat, email, phone or the contact us form on the website and they will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

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