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Galvanic Corrosion Ruining Heavy Investment


Galvanic corrosion is certainly something which isn’t talked about very often, however, if your companies output is subject to it then it becomes a very important issue. Read one such case concerning galvanic corrosion right here.

Galvanic corrosion is something that is barely talked about but has an extremely problematic and expensive impact.­ The US Navy’s newest combat vessels, the Independence class, cost $400,000,000 per ship.­ The cutting edge warships are fabricated mainly from aluminium.­ The aluminium provides not only reduced weight but also cost savings.­ The concept is great but insufficient thought was given to the effects of galvanic corrosion.­ As we explain in greater detail on our specific product pages for H3453, galvanic corrosion occurs when two dissimilar materials are placed in contact with each other, the most commonly known example is when steel and aluminium are together, it results in the aluminium corroding.­ The Independence class vessels are only one year old and have suffered so greatly that whole chunks of the hull need replacing, one naval analyst commented that the galvanic corrosion was so aggressive “The metal is completely gone, not rusted”.

Galvanic corrosion is common yet serious but it does not need to be.­ Heskins has the perfect preventative solution.­ Galvanic corrosion tape is easy to apply, very durable and very effective. We can produce it in the exact shape for each contact area to ensure that it covers all of the connection to prevent it occurring.

To be shocked about the damage that galvanic corrosion can do, please look at https://­www.­wired.­com/­2011/­06/­shipbuilder-blames-navy-as-brand-new-warship-disin­teg­rates/

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