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Glow in the Dark Hazard Egress Tape; Earning its Stripes!

Glow in the Dark Tape

Adding additional function to products is never a bad thing, and we have done just that with our new glow in the dark hazard egress tape! Read more….

Well…. kind of, but it is now available in a black and photoluminescent chevron finish, which means our glow in the dark egress tape has now increased in versatility. Primarily only suitable for night-time use (see our blog post on plain glow in the dark egress tape) adding black chevrons to the material will also make it more effective in the day time by making it visible in a way to warn people of potentially hazardous areas. Increasing the versatility of materials and products is not only efficient, but also makes them better value for money, and helps businesses meet their health and safety objectives more effectively. Now, not only will glow in the dark hazard egress tape warn people of hazards by day but by night, will also emit the energy its photons have absorbed during the day as a guiding light, which in times of power outs, will give people safe passage out of a building. Depending on the strength of the artificial or natural light energy it has absorbed, it will last a maximum of 2 hours, enough time for anyone to find their way out of a dark building. We offer glow in the dark hazard egress tape in rolls ranging from widths of 12mm to 585mm, in a length of 10 metres. Please contact us for more information.

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