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Green Conformable Anti Slip Tape Applied at a Power Plant


Green conformable anti slip tape was recently applied at a local power plant. Find out why conformable anti slip tape was used for this application.

Enhancing Safety at a Local Power Plant with Green Conformable Anti-Slip Tape

In a recent development aimed at bolstering safety measures, the management of a local power plant decided to implement Heskins’ green conformable anti-slip tape throughout its premises. Recognising the importance of maintaining a secure environment without introducing potential hazards, the majority of the power plant’s site underwent the application of this unique anti-slip solution from Heskins.

Unlike most of Heskins’ anti-slip materials that feature a gritted top surface applied to a plastic backing, this option was not suitable for the power plant’s specific requirements. The presence of plastics in the event of a fire could generate significant smoke and emit noxious odours, posing additional risks. Consequently, the decision-makers at the power plant opted for conformable anti-slip tape, which boasts a soft aluminium foil backing. This backing ensures that the tape does not burn and remains unaffected by combustion, providing an essential flame-retardant feature.

The name “conformable” derives from the unique characteristics of the product. Thanks to its aluminium foil backing, the tape easily conforms to irregular surfaces, ensuring a secure fit without lifting. With aluminium’s inherent lack of memory, the tape retains its shape, delivering long-lasting effectiveness. This aspect proves especially advantageous for the power plant, as many of the walking surfaces consist of metal plates that can become slippery in wet weather conditions. By applying conformable anti-slip tape to these surfaces, the power plant successfully eliminates this hazard, enhancing the safety of its employees and visitors.

Heskins offers a range of stock colours for conformable anti-slip tape, including black, yellow, orange, and black/yellow hazard. For the power plant’s specific needs, the green conformable anti-slip tape was chosen, showcasing Heskins’ ability to create custom anti-slip products tailored to individual requirements.

In addition to a variety of colours, Heskins also provides customers with the flexibility to request products in specific shapes and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for any application. Depending on the order quantity, Heskins can produce virtually all of its products in colours matching Pantone and RAL references. This customisation capability allows customers to tailor their anti-slip solutions precisely to their desired specifications.

To learn more about Heskins’ conformable anti-slip tape and its various features, interested individuals can visit the company’s website. For placing an order or seeking further information, the Heskins sales team can be contacted via phone or email. Alternatively, customers can fill out the contact us form on the website to initiate communication.

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In conclusion, the successful application of green conformable anti-slip tape at the local power plant highlights Heskins’ commitment to providing innovative, customisable, and high-quality line marking products. The power plant’s decision to choose this flame-retardant solution underscores the significance of prioritising safety while addressing specific industry requirements. With a focus on continuous improvement, Heskins remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional anti-slip solutions for a wide range of applications. Subscribe to Heskins’ blog posts and newsletters today and embark on a journey of enhanced safety and reliability with Heskins.



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