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Grip Tape Quality Process


We ensure our quality processes for our grip tape is verified so you have faith in us when investing in our products. Here we explain the process.

Today (1/5/09) was our annual ISO9001:2008 quality audit from NQA, for the past few days all staff on production and administration has been involved in ensuring that we have been on schedule. All this attention focusing on quality thought this would be a good opportunity to inform of the different layers of quality control and continuing improvement that exists at Heskins when we produce and dispatch our grip tape.

As mentioned we are ISO9001:2008 with NQA and have been since 2001. Different stages of quality processes exist all the way from initial booking in and inspection of raw materials through to the final stage: the last check before the grip tape is dispatched. All of the Heskins grip tape is inspected at all intermediate stages as follows; Length – our machines are calibrated yet we always ‘over-run’ to ensure no shortage. Width – we use calibrated Mitutoya verniers, we even hold a wide width, 305mm version, on request we can easily work with +/- tolerances. Colour – colours are checked against Pantone or RAL books that are changed annually to prevent fading. Our die cutters are accurate to 0.1mm and produce material that is consistent; our slitters operate to finite tolerances.

Our ISO certificate is available to download from our website; we aim to ensure that you, the customer, have the confidence in the wide range of processes that form the Heskins quality system.

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