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Warehouse Markers – Heskins Best Kept Secret

Retail and Distributor Products

Warehouse Markers are made from a self-adhesive plastic durable enough for warehouse use. Use Warehouse Markers to create a safe, organised warehouse.

H7502 Die Cut Warehouse Marker Shapes

H7502 Warehouse Markers are something of a best-kept secret here at Heskins. They are made from a self-adhesive plastic that has excellent durability for use at an industrial level. Available in a variety of shapes as well as printed numbers and letters, H7502 Warehouse Markers are suitable for creating an optimised 5S floor and warehouse marking system in the workplace. Allowing you to create bays for pallets and other items, as well as designate areas, whether it be for employee safety, workplace organisation or both.

H7503 Alphabetical & Numerical Warehouse Markers

H7503 Warehouse Markers are made from the same durable plastic, offering safety and organisation in your warehouse through the use of visual lettering and numbering. You can now section out warehouse areas with these floor markers. They can increase workflow efficiency as there are designated named segments.

Warehouse Markers Simple Application

The application is simple. Once you have decided on your floor plan, you can apply H7502 to a clean, dry surface by peeling the backing paper off and sticking down. Once applied, they are ready to use immediately, and in most cases, downtime is unnecessary. This allows you to create an optimised, safe working environment with minimal downtime that will affect production very little.

Better Than Paint?

Warehouse Marker material is a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to paint and thin tapes. Due to its durable construc­tion, low cost and simple application it is a superior choice to options that either require excessive downtime due to slow application and drying times or will deteriorate quickly and require replacement and therefore more downtime, as well as more expenditure due to buying more material. It is an economic solution to workplace opti­misa­tion, as its construction allows it to be supplied at a low cost, making kitting out floor surfaces in buildings very cost-effective. We have many shapes available off the shelf for immediate dispatch, with some featuring letters and numbers as an under laminate surface print. To order or enquire further about Warehouse Marker material, you can do so by contacting the sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

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