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H3418 Anti Slip Handrail Grip Tape


With regulations for handrails becoming more strict, we decided we would ensure there was a handrail grip tape on the market that ticked all the boxes…

Requirements for non-slip handrails are becoming more regulated, a long time ago it was only the really harsh situations that would require a non-slip covering on a handrail, now it could just be one for a normal external staircase. With the stipulation that UK handrails (Building regulations 2000, M1 & M2) should be non slip and not cold to touch Heskins created a specific product for this application, our H3418. I am a great fan of this material (especially since we recently changed the adhesive system on it). I think it is our most attractive material yet if ever non-slip tapes ever can be considered attractive. I have recently created a page on our site highlighting its unique benefits, such as;

1. Non-slip surface.

2. Attractive symmetrical appearance.

3. Insulating PVC upper with PET base to help prevent it being cold to the touch.

4. New high strength adhesion.

I recommend clicking on the link below which will take you to the relevant page, it’s something different!

H3418 Anti Slip Handrail Grip Tape

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