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Heskins Anti Slip Crush Cutters: Bespoke Anti Slip Tape Production


We receive many questions regarding bespoke anti-slip tape production. Here, we go into detail about our anti-slip crush cutting methods. Read more..

A very common question we receive is “Can Heskins produce rolls of abrasive anti-slip tape narrower than 19mm?”. ‘Yes’ is the answer but there are some things to think of. Heskins Safety-Grip anti slip tape is abrasive and extremely tough as it is designed to provide long-lasting slip prevention protection in difficult envi­ron­ments. Heskins are unique in that our anti-slip tape Safety-Grip does not have just one coat of resin that holds the grit down, but two. This is an expensive and time-consuming process but ensures that the grit stays where it should be and does not brush away as soon as the product is used. The durability means that we must cut using blades that work by pressure not cutting sharpness. Using our special designed anti-slip crush cutters, we cut using extreme pressure (multiple blades each with tremendous forces applied) onto a strengthened supported roller. Each blade is 19mm wide meaning that the minimum roll width is 19mm. To cut widths narrower than 19mm we use special thin blades. Each blade is 10mm wide, these allow us to cut rolls down to 10mm.The problem is that the narrow blades are not durable, the forces involved damage them so they cannot be used for normal slitting requ­ire­ments, only when a thin anti-slip tape roll is required. To create, for example, a 12mm wide roll of safety-grip anti-slip tape we would remove all the normal blades, install the special narrow blades to our anti-slip crush cutters, then when finished remove all the narrow blades and finally reapply all the normal blades. Quite a time-intensive process! A normal pricing structure at Heskins is for the rolls of anti-slip tape to be pro rata, meaning that a 50mm wide roll is twice as expensive compared to a 25mm wide roll. With widths narrower than 19mm this is not the case. We must recover the time taken to change the blades over and the fact that we cannot produce as many rolls as is normal due to excessive pressures being applied in a small area. I hope that this (I think boring but important) article explains more about narrow width slitting of abrasive anti-slip tape Safety-Grip at Heskins! View our services page to see our other bespoke anti-slip tape production methods. If you do require more information, or would like to speak to us regarding bespoke anti-slip tape production, you can do so by contacting the sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

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