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Heskins Anti Slip Tape at the Rio 2016 Olympics


Heskins have once again been asked to provide anti-slip tape for the Rio 2016 Olympics. Find out where Heskins products were used at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Heskins, once again, proudly announces its involvement in the Rio 2016 Olympics. For the third consecutive Olympic event, Heskins has been chosen to supply anti-slip tape, demonstrating the trust and recognition the company has earned in the industry. This time, our products were specifically selected for the BMX course start ramp, a crucial component of the Olympic Games.

To meet the requirements of the event, we were tasked with supplying a 10-meter by 20-meter anti-slip surface using our H3401W standard Safety Grip anti-slip tape. This particular material has been successfully used in the last two Olympic Games, and for the Rio 2016 Olympics, we provided it in a stunning shade of green to align with the colour theme of the event. The anti-slip tape was shipped in rolls of sectioned tiles, which were meticulously pieced together during the application process, resulting in an impressive and visually striking surface.

The BMX event, scheduled to start on the 17th of August, holds great excitement for us, and we eagerly anticipate the remarkable performances of the athletes. As proud supporters of Team GB, we are crossing our fingers for their success and hope to see them bring home the gold medal. Knowing that our anti-slip products are contributing to the safety and performance of the athletes gives us immense pride and satisfaction.

Being chosen as a supplier for such a prestigious and globally recognised event as the Olympics is a testament to the quality and reliability of Heskins’ products. Year after year, our materials have consistently met the high standards demanded by Olympic organisers. This consistency of use demonstrates our commitment to producing top-notch anti-slip solutions that deliver exceptional performance in demanding environments.

In addition to supplying anti-slip tape for the Olympics, Heskins has expanded its offerings to include BMX start ramp kits in various designs. These kits provide a comprehensive solution for creating safe and high-performance start ramps. We also welcome custom design requests as we strive to meet the unique needs and specifications of our customers. If you are interested in our BMX start ramp kits or have any custom design requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with more information and assist you in finding the best solution for your specific needs.

As the BMX event unfolds at the Rio 2016 Olympics, we anticipate that the televised coverage will showcase our products in action. It is a proud moment for us to see Heskins’ anti-slip tape prominently displayed on the global stage. We invite you to tune in and support the athletes, as well as witness the impact of our products in ensuring their safety and performance.

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In conclusion, Heskins is honoured to have once again played a role in the prestigious Olympic Games. Our supply of anti-slip tape for the BMX course start ramp at the Rio 2016 Olympics reaffirms our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and performance. We are proud to contribute to the success and safety of the athletes participating in this remarkable event.



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