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Heskins Direct Deliveries


We offer drop shipping for our customers, sending direct deliveries to our customers customers. Learn more by reading our blog post.

Direct deliveries have always been part of our operations. Even back in the 90’s, we were sending orders on behalf of our customers. We have gained incredible amounts of trust for both our honesty and efficiency. Due to our three dispatch locations; Netherlands (EU), UK and Pennsylvania (USA), we can ensure that our customers can dispatch within markets that are just short of a billion people, one of the biggest GDP in the world and access to deliver to companies in every one of these locations.

We have ensured that the Heskins locations are interlinked; an order could be placed in the UK and delivered in Germany from within the EU. In the 24 years of delivering directly to our customer’s customer, we have invested heavily in IT, dispatch, and logistics processes. In early 2021 we rolled out our automated order processing system. It effectively ‘reads’ a purchase order, compares it to previous stock purchases, checks prices, highlights any queries, inputs the delivery address, and then takes the delivery note provided by the customer and attaches it to our internal processes for later use in dispatch. The new order processing system is faster, more efficient, and most importantly is reducing errors. Once the order is in our system, it is efficiently processed and dispatched with no information to identify that it is shipped from Heskins.

We are proud that our customers trust us to deliver on their behalf. We have never misused that trust. We offer our customers the ability to dispatch from the world’s largest warehouses of non-slip materials and heavy-duty marking products. We can produce anything that is an odd size or colour, all done efficiently and rapidly.

Don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated sales team by live chat or phone if you need further information. Alternatively, submit an enquiry via the contact us form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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