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Heskins Donates Trophies to Leyland Warriors


Heskins have donated a couple of trophies to Leyland Warriors rugby team. Read all about it right here.

Heskins, a proud advocate of community involvement and supporting youth activities, is excited to announce our recent support of the Leyland Warriors U9’s rugby team. As part of our commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting sportsmanship, we have donated two trophies to be presented at the end of each match. These trophies will recognise the best player of the match and the man of the match, respectively.

A Personal Connection:

This meaningful contribution stems from a personal connection within our company. Michael, one of our most dedicated employees, reached out to Heskins with a special request to support the Leyland Warriors team. His son, Ethan, is an active player in the team, making this partnership even more significant to us.

Celebrating Achievements:

Heskins is thrilled to provide the Leyland Warriors U9’s team with two magnificent trophies that will be awarded to the deserving players after every match. These trophies will serve as a tangible reminder of their exceptional performance and will be proudly displayed by the recipients throughout the week.

Promoting an Active Lifestyle:

At Heskins, we firmly believe in encouraging children to lead active lifestyles. By donating these trophies, we aim to motivate the young athletes further and inspire them to excel in their chosen sport. We hope that this gesture will not only recognise their achievements but also serve as a symbol of the hard work and dedication they put into their training and matches.

Supporting the Leyland Warriors:

We extend our best wishes to the Leyland Warriors U9’s team and their other age groups for the remainder of the season. Their passion for the sport and commitment to teamwork are truly commendable. We are proud to be part of their journey and are excited to see their growth and success on the field.

Learn More and Show Your Support:

If you would like to learn more about the Leyland Warriors rugby team and find ways to show your support, we encourage you to visit their official website or reach out to their team representatives. Your presence at their matches and involvement in their community activities can make a significant impact on these young athletes’ morale and motivation.

Stay Updated:

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Heskins is honoured to support the Leyland Warriors U9’s rugby team by donating two trophies to recognise outstanding performance on the field. We want to promote an active lifestyle and nurturing young talent aligns perfectly with the team’s values. We extend our best wishes to the Leyland Warriors for the rest of the season, and we hope that our contribution will serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement for these aspiring athletes. Together, let’s celebrate their achievements and support their journey to success. Subscribe today to stay updated on our community initiatives and product releases.



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