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Heskins Guide – How to Apply UHB Bonding Tape

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What You’ll Need:

  • H9910 UHB Heavy Duty Bonding Tape
  • H3508 IPA Surface Cleaner & Cloth
  • Measuring Tape
  • Utility Knife
  • Seam Roller

What is UHB Heavy Duty Bonding Tape?

New UHB heavy-duty fondant tape is a double-sided tape used to bond two materials together. This material creates a strong non-slip bond between each material, preventing all movement.

1. Clean and prep the application surface

When applying UHB bonding tape, a good clean surface is essential, as this will allow the tape to bond more effectively. Clean the application area with H3508 IPA Surface Cleaner.

2. Measure and cut to size UHB bonding tape

Measuring the area before applying UHB bonding tape is recommended. This step ensures the perfect amount of tape to cover the application surface. Measure the UHB bonding tape you require and use a utility knife to cut through the material slowly. Use two or more bonding tape strips to distribute the pressure.

3. Remove the Plastic Backing

Once UHB bonding tape has effectively been applied to your surface, slowly peel off the top plastic film on the material, revealing the second adhesive layer, which will bond both objects together. After removing the bottom layer, apply it to the other surface.

4. Apply Even Pressure when Placing UHB Bonding Tape

Once you’ve placed the other surface onto the top adhesive layer, apply a reasonable amount of pressure to the areas where the UHB bonding tape is, helping to create an effective bond. You can do this step by hand or with a Seam Roller, which Heskins can supply at a low cost.

What is Heskins UHB Bonding Tape?

Heskins offers UHB bonding tape with bespoke options such as colour and size, specific to your requirements, dependent on order quantity.

You can also use the contact us form, telephone, or the Live Chat feature to get further information.


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