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Heskins: Manufacturer of Solutions


As a manufacturer of solutions, we love it when customers come to us with a problem to solve. In this blog post, we discuss a custom solution we created involving Heskins anti-corrosion tape.

Heskins corrosion protection tape is the initial solution to the galvanic corrosion problem they face, creating a perfect barrier of protection between the metals they use for their projects, such as balustrades and building envelopes, to name a couple.

In the thrilling world of manufacturing, the very essence of our vocation lies in the intricate dance of problem-solving, and nothing invigorates us more than when a challenge comes knocking at our door. At Heskins, we revel in providing not just products, but comprehensive solutions meticulously crafted to meet specific needs. Today, we’ll be diving deep into a fascinating instance where we leveraged our Heskins anti-corrosion tape to provide an industry-leading solution.

Now, you might be asking, “What makes the Heskins experience so unique?”

Firstly, we’re not just a manufacturer – we’re a partner. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients, embarking on a journey to identify their problems and create solutions that not only resolve their immediate needs but also enhance their efficiency and productivity. Our recent engagement with a client who faced a complex galvanic corrosion problem paints a vivid picture of this.

But before we delve into the details, let’s clarify one thing: “What exactly is galvanic corrosion?”

Galvanic corrosion is a type of corrosion that occurs when two different metals come into electrical contact through an electrolyte, like water. It can have devastating effects on structures, particularly those involving metals, such as balustrades and building envelopes.

Our client’s challenge involved inserting lengthy steel sections into a concrete base with aluminium inserts. Owing to lugs penetrating the concrete, any solution we proposed had to accommodate holes for quick and accurate application.

But here’s the catch – our client was hesitant about cutting the material by hand once it arrived at their premises. And rightly so! Manual cutting could potentially lead to inaccuracies, leaving vulnerable areas exposed. A minute area of contact between the two metals could potentially result in galvanic corrosion – a risk our client was not prepared to take.

Moreover, the task of manually creating holes in the material was time-consuming, especially without the right tools. They were stuck in a bit of a pickle, and this is where Heskins stepped in, wielding the power of innovative solutions.

“But how did Heskins resolve this seemingly daunting task?”, I hear you ask.

Our solution was underpinned by a careful blend of technological advancements and our commitment to precision. Over the years, we have significantly invested in refining our services, and a shining example of this is our state-of-the-art, high-speed knife table. This marvel of modern machinery allows us to create cuts on the material surface with a staggering 100% accuracy. Our exactitude is such that the need for pre-made cutting tools is entirely eliminated.

Thanks to the precision afforded by our high-speed knife table, we were able to cut 15mm diameter holes in the exact positions required, adhering to our client’s supplied CAD design specifications. And the best part? Our customised services resulted in a significant time saving for our client, making us the ally you need when it comes to efficiency and accuracy.

In conclusion, at Heskins, we’re not just selling a product; we’re offering an experience. An experience centred around understanding, creating, and delivering unique, tailor-made solutions that propel businesses forward. We’d love to hear from you! So why not drop us a line to discuss how we could help you with your unique needs?

Remember, no problem is too big or too small – Heskins is here to assist, providing an unrivalled level of service. Are you ready to experience the Heskins difference?

Should you require a solution to a similar problem, or any other safety tape related issue, we would love to speak to you. Contact us by phone or talk to us now on live chat. Alternatively, complete the contact us form on the website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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