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Heskins New Shrink Wrapper


Our reseller services require a range of machines to get their products to their final destination. Our shrink wrapper is the latest machine that has had an upgrade. Read more here.

As a vital component of our reseller services, a shrink wrapper is a machine constantly in operation on the production line within our warehouse. The finishing touch for reseller products before heading off to their intended destination. If the shrink wrapper breaks down, like any of our machinery, it can cause serious delays with our lead times.

The current machine has been part of the Heskins production line for many years now, churning out shrink-wrapped product after shrink-wrapped product in a timely fashion. Like all things though, time is the enemy and eventually, the machine was becoming more susceptible to breakdowns and with constant evolution, there were things we required that the machine could not do for us.

It was time to put this machine out to pasture….

Here we introduce our new shrink-wrapper, which has just been installed and is ready to take over. Far more than just a coat of paint, it benefits from a much better, more consistent performance while using less power. It has features to create pre-sets to allow us to quickly switch settings for different products, which vastly reduces set up times between jobs. All-in-all this makes an eco-friendly time-saver that we are more than happy to welcome to the Heskins ranks.

As previously mentioned, shrink wrapping is a small part of our reseller services, which allows you to get the most out of Heskins products, which can arrive with you ready for immediate sale, or for you to pass on to your customers, saving time that can be better spent on other aspects of your business.

Visit our reseller services page to learn more.



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