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Heskins Prototype Products PT32 (now iGrips)


With constant research & development, we have grown to be where we are today. Here we discuss one of our recent prototype products, PT32 (now iGrips), rubberised anti-slip.

From our inception back in 1997, we always wanted Heskins to be a specialist manufacturer of anti-slip tape. We did not simply want to be another ‘me too’ company. We knew even back then that for us to continually grow, which through hard work we have for over 21 years, we needed to constantly evolve. To do this we strived to not only develop new products, but apply these products to problems to create a solution, and along the way sometimes these solutions end up solving problems that didn’t actually exist!

PT32 (now iGrips) is one of these products! Our aims were to develop a non-abrasive product that is soft to the touch, be free of all plasticisers (enabling use, if required, on children’s toys and medical equipment in notable places such as California and Oregon), be free of phthalates all while providing excep­ti­onally high levels of grip.

PT is the internal Heskins code for a prototype product (you’re now in the circle). The referral of this product as PT32 shows it still has not passed beyond sample production, but absolutely could be if required. Application to medical equipment and current technology available for non-slip protection or grip enhancement are perfect uses for this material. The surface is a ‘bobbly’ texture with pronounced extrusions randomly distributed, which aside from having excellent grip levels is pleasant to the touch.

PT32 is now in full production. Now know as iGrips, you can learn more about the material here.

We are happy to hear about other application uses, so if you have one then get in touch. We may even send you a sample to test out your ideas. For more information, you can contact the sales team by phone or live chat. Alter­natively, submit an inquiry via the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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