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Heskins Resellers Services for our Customers


Heskins provide a range of services for resellers to help them promote our products effectively. Read about the Heskins range of reseller services right here.

I have touched on this subject before but it is such an important thing that I thought I would revisit!­ Heskins has a corporate policy of strongly supporting our resellers.­ We like to make it easy to onboard, market, sell and then logistically provide our range.­ We cannot understand why some companies want to make it difficult to get information or samples then put barriers in front of dispatch etc.­ Our policy is simply: our resellers are an intrinsic part of our operations, we want to make their needs our problem.­ If we make it easy for them then it is a symbiotic relati­onship, both parties benefit.


I am listing what we do to support all our valued resellers.

Photo download suite

Why want customers to resell materials but limit them to just a tiny number of photos that possibly aren’t even suitable for their particular industry focus? We invest heavily in our images.­ At Heskins we not only have a dedicated photography room with professional lighting but also a team who photograph internally and seek out relevant locations.­ At Heskins we provide you with thousands of HD images, all of our products, all different situation, all different aspects.­ Just take what you want, when you want.


It’s good to give. All we sell is what we produce, we know our product types better than anyone. We know that customers like to see our materials, touch them and try them. We provide all the samples you need. Our sample stocks contain every one of our products, we typically dispatch immediately. We cannot guarantee the width you need but we can normally get very close.

Sample cards

Our products are tactile, everyone will touch them to gauge their effec­tiveness.­ Our sample cards can be provided to you with no mention of Heskins, you can add your own company details as a label, please enquire.­ The sample cards list almost all of our range and are organised logically.­ Each item as a code underneath to enable easy ordering and prevent confusion.


Sales literature is vital.­ It is something that separates your material from others, with a professional offering you should gain the sale.­ All of Heskins literature can be provided free in a format that you can modify and then pass as your own product.

Data sheets

We are a manufacturer based in America and the UK. Our products are relied on throughout the world. We test to all major inter­national standards.­ We never test inhouse.­ All of our test results have been performed externally by accredited laboratories and test houses, our market experience has shown that tests performed internally by manuf­ac­turers, for some reason, always seems to show extremely high results, in excess of anything that can be replicated at an independent laboratory!­ Always be careful about internal test results, I have never known them to be accurate.­ Our data sheets are all available to download, free.­ If there is something specific you are looking for please speak with our sales team, we may already have what you need.


We invest heavily in our systems, not only does it reduce our labour costs but it also speeds up processing time and reduces errors.­ We have a fully fledged EDI system that can be modified to suit your needs, we can not only take in orders via EDI but also generate sales order confir­mations, logistics data and invoices, all seamless.­ For further information please speak with our admin team.


We like to make it easy.­ We have an onboarding Excel document that can contain all the information you need to automati­cally bring the products into your system.­ It includes SKU’s, barcodes, weights, description etc.

Direct Dispatch

A large part of our business is sending our resellers products direct to their customer. The customer will have no idea that it has been dispatched from a different company. Our UPS label (FedEx in the US) will not mention Heskins anywhere. Your delivery note is on the box. You receive a tracking email. All products inside are blank and we can even apply labels with your details on (please enquire).

If you require more information or wish to become a Heskins reseller, you can do so by getting in touch with us via phone, live chat or alter­natively send us a message through our contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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