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Heskins Safety Grip Now R118 Approved!


Our Safety Grip is now R118 certified. After putting our Safety Grip material through the testing phase we can now say it’s R118 compliant. Read the blog post for more information.

Our flagship material Safety Grip has recently achieved R118 approval. R118 is a test to determine “the burning behaviour and/or the capability to repel fuel or lubricant of materials used in the construction of M3 category vehicles classified II or III.”

R118 is an inter­national regulation for manuf­ac­turers of commercial vehicles intended for use in countries that don’t have their own regulations.

We have had these tests undertaken to guarantee the approval of our materials for application during production rather than materials having to be applied by the buyer. This means vehicles have slip protection right off the production line.

Heskins Safety Grip was put through 3 out of the 5 tests that are in the R118 regulation (not all are required to pass). As detailed on the certi­fica­tion, our material was subjected to Annexe 6, 7 and 8.

Annexe 6 – The material is held horizontally in a combustion chamber with the aid of a U-shaped support with the free end exposed to a flame for 15 seconds. The horizontal burning rate is measured by calculating the time it takes for the flame to travel from the first measuring point to the last one (sometimes where the flame extinguishes itself)

Annexe 7 – The material is placed on a receptacle filled with cotton wool underneath a 500W radiant heat source at a distance of 30mm. The aim of this test is to discover 3 things…. Does the specimen ignite? Are there flaming or non-flaming falling droplets and does the cotton wool ignite?

Annexe 8 – Held vertically in a sample holder, the material has 3 horizontal thread markers placed at 220mm, 370mm and 520mm from the lower edge. A 20mm flame specifically inclined at 30° is applied to the sample for 5 seconds. The time necessary for the aforem­en­tioned flame from ignition to break thread markers 1, 2 and 3 are measured and recorded.

We now have the formal R118 certi­fica­tion for Heskins Safety Grip to be used on commercial vehicles.

For any companies interested in obtaining our R118 certificate (available in English and German), they can do so by contacting our sales team by phone or Live Chat. Alter­natively, you can fill out the contact us form and a member of our sales team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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