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Heskins Shrink Wrapping Services

Retail and Distributor Products

Heskins offer shrink wrapping as part of the packaging options for resellers. This & a host of other options allow you to receive products ready for retail.

Heskins offers a shrink wrapping service for resellers, allowing customers to receive Heskins anti slip products ready for resale straight out of the box. One part of this process, is packaging the Heskins anti slip products ready for packing and delivery. We offer a few packing options, but our most popular, is shrink wrapping. This ensures the products stay clean during transit and storage. It is also a very cost effective method of packaging products. When purchasing Heskins anti slip products for resale, Heskins individually package your products by placing a label over the core, wrapping them in plastic, then placing them on the conveyer belt through the shrink wrapping oven. When they come through the other side they are perfectly sealed and ready for packing and dispatch. Once received, retailers can place Heskins anti-slip products on to shelves immediately for resale, with no prep time involved. Heskins can provide basic labels featuring information, or can provide a label printed with your companies branding, and even include barcodes and SKU’s. Shrinkwrapping services are available on rolls that are 100mm and 50mm in width.

What do Heskins offer besides shrink-wrapping?

Cardboard sleeves, with your Companies brand design, applied to insert rolls into, ready for immediate resale. The sleeves can feature barcodes, SKU’s, QR codes and anything else you require.

  • Anti-slip rolls can also be wrapped before shrink wrapping. This protects the shrink wrapping and anti-slip surface, making them more resilient ( see what we did there ) in storage and on display.
  • Bags ( akin to our Tenura packaging ) whereby we place the rolls inside the bags, which can come complete with branded labelling if required.
  • Boxes made specifically for rolls measuring 150mm x 610mm. These are the most popular choice; however, we can make them accommodate other sizes, if necessary.

You can view our video regarding our resellers service right here:

For more information on Heskins reseller services, you can contact us by email, phone or by using the contact us form on the website to speak to one of our sales team.

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