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Heskins Instructional Videos


We have a range of instructional videos online to help people with the application & use of their safety products that they buy from us. See details below

As some of you know, we provide quite a lot of instructional videos for our anti-slip and line marking tapes. We do not only do this for the interest it generates, but also for the many people who do contact us asking how to apply some of our products correctly. Correctly applying our products is paramount to achieving maximum efficiency and durability, and therefore value for money for you guys. We plan our videos to ensure all basis are covered, and once completed, we host them on YouTube and Vimeo, as we feel these not only the most popular, but the best quality video hosting sites to present them on. With the many features available, they are accessible worldwide, regardless of virtually any internet connection. As mentioned, we do get requests for instructional videos, and we do try to cater for all as quickly as possible. We do very much welcome these requests, and we would like them either by email or via our Facebook or Twitter. To check our out current crop of Heskins instructional videos, navigate through here. Heskins YouTube Channel Heskins Vimeo Channel New videos will be coming as regularly as possible, but for now feel free to comment, like and subscribe to our videos!



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