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How to Apply Heskins Reflective Tape to Stair Rails

Reflective Tape

What You Will Need:

  • Heskins H6601 Reflective Tape
  • H3508 IPA Surface Cleaner & Cloth
  • Tape Measure
  • Utility Knife
  • Squeegee

1. Prep and clean the surface

Use a cloth and H3508 IPA Cleaner to clean the surface, clearing all dust away for a good quality application surface. IPA Cleaner evaporates after removing grease and dirt, leaving a clean surface.

2. Measure and cut the reflective tape to size

Measure the handrail with a tape measure so you know how much reflective tape you need. This step will help during application and minimise waste. You can easily cut Heskins reflective tape with a utility knife.

3. Peel away the backing liner and apply pressure removing air bubbles

To apply, peel away the backing layer and stick the reflective tape to the rail, applying pressure as you run your hand slowly against the material. Then run a Heskins squeegee along the applied reflective tape to ensure there are no air bubbles or creases.

What is Reflective Tape?

Reflective tape will provide a high-visibility warning and mark out potentially dangerous areas, making it the perfect marking material.

Reflective tape can be found in many colours and widths, anywhere from 15mm to 1220mm. Regular roll lengths are 10m. Dependent on order quantity, we can create any width within these tolerances.

Heskins can offer samples of all our reflective tapes allowing you to see our high-quality tapes first-hand. For more information on reflective tape or the various marking and anti-slip solutions, Heskins offers, call our sales team by phone or speak to them via Live Chat on the contact us form.


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