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How to Clean Safety Grip


Heskins Safety-Grip anti-slip tape is an abrasive material. While it provides exceptional levels of grip throughout the range it can be difficult to clean; the surface grit can accumulate debris from foot and vehicle traffic, which for anti-slip tape with finer grit levels can have an impact on performance. For coarser materials, performance will not be hampered, but build-ups of dirt can have other detrimental effects and cleaning if possible is recommended. Here we explain how to clean grip tape.

With that said, if the incorrect cleaning products are used, the abrasive surface on grip tape can cause damage to them, wasting time and money.

We recommend the following;

  • Do not use harsh cleaning materials. There is no need as plain water will be suitable and in the worst cases, a mild cleaning solution will help to lift any dirt.

  • Do not use rags, mops or floor buffers. If fibrous materials are taken to the abrasive surface, it will tear them into pieces, leaving fibres all over the material surface making cleaning even more difficult. A basic nylon brush is perfect. Nylon bristles will provide effective cleaning force, removing dirt from in between the peaks while being tough enough to withstand the abrasive surface.

  • Apply just enough pressure and water/mild cleaning solution to remove dirt and debris, nothing more.

  • Once the cleaning has been done, ensure the surface is left to dry as liquids can add to any potential slip risk.

Following these steps is recommended to ensure effective cleaning of anti-slip grip tape. These methods apply to all abrasive anti-slip tape appli­cations, internal and external.

The Heskins Safety Grip anti-slip tape range has a wide variety of products to give you the options of getting the perfect slip prevention for your premises.

If you would like to ask more questions about how to clean grip tape, you can speak to a member of the sales team via live chat or phone. Alter­natively, complete the contact us form and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.



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