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How to Prevent Galvanic Corrosion with H3453 Tape

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Galvanic corrosion is a prevalent and challenging problem that plagues various industries. This corrosion phenomenon occurs when two dissimilar metals come into contact with each other, leading to a corrosive reaction. Surprisingly, even metals typically known for their corrosion resistance, such as aluminium, can fall victim to galvanic corrosion when placed in proximity to dissimilar metals like steel. However, the good news is that there’s an effective solution to combat this issue: Heskins H3453 galvanic corrosion protection tape.

Heskins H3453 galvanic corrosion protection tape is engineered to address the persistent and damaging effects of galvanic corrosion. What sets it apart is its permanent self-adhesive base, which not only ensures a secure bond but also makes it suitable for application on virtually any metal surface. This adhesive feature is particularly critical in industries where preventing corrosion is of paramount importance.

But what truly makes H3453 a standout solution is its unique construction. The plastic film used in this tape is intentionally formulated with a high content of non-conductive compounds. These compounds serve as a barrier that inhibits the flow of electric current between dissimilar metals, thus thwarting the galvanic corrosion process. In essence, H3453 acts as a protective shield, safeguarding metals from the corrosive forces that threaten their integrity.

For those concerned about the tape’s effectiveness, it’s important to note that Heskins H3453 galvanic corrosion protection tape has undergone rigorous testing to validate its performance. In accordance with ASTM D: 149-20 standards, the tape has been evaluated, and it has demonstrated an impressive dielectric strength value of 36.1kv/mm. This high dielectric strength is a testament to the tape’s ability to prevent electrical conduction between metals and, by extension, its effectiveness in averting galvanic corrosion.

To accommodate diverse industry needs, Heskins produces H3453 galvanic corrosion protection tape in two convenient formats: rolls and pads. Many of their customers require the product to be precision-cut to exact shapes. These custom-shaped pieces serve as pads that are strategically placed between dissimilar metals to create a physical and electrical barrier, effectively thwarting the corrosion process. Heskins takes great pride in its precision cutting capabilities, boasting an accuracy level of 0.1mm along the entire length of the product.

One common application of this precision-cut H3453 tape is in the manufacturing of 18-meter rolls that are specifically tailored to fit the contours of continuous metal forms. By having the tape cut to exact hole patterns, manufacturers can seamlessly integrate this protective solution into their production processes, ensuring that galvanic corrosion remains at bay.

In conclusion, galvanic corrosion is a persistent and costly problem in various industries, posing a significant threat to the integrity of metal structures and components. However, with Heskins H3453 galvanic corrosion protection tape, there’s a reliable and proven solution that can safeguard against this destructive corrosion process. Its unique construction, high dielectric strength, and precision-cutting capabilities make it a go-to choice for industries looking to protect their valuable assets from the harmful effects of galvanic corrosion. Don’t let galvanic corrosion compromise your metals; choose Heskins H3453 for long-lasting protection and peace of mind.


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