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How to Prevent Galvanic Corrosion with H3453 Tape

Anti-Slip Tape

Galvanic corrosion is a challenging problem that occurs in industry. When two dissimilar metals are placed together then galvanic corrosion can happen. Even normally non-corroding metals such as aluminium can corrode if placed near a dissimilar metal such as steel.

Heskins H3453 galvanic corrosion protection tape is the solution for this problem, it has a permanent self-adhesive base that bonds effectively onto any metal surface. The plastic film is deliberately constructed to have high contents of non-conductive compounds, these prevent the galvanic conduction from taking place. H3453 galvanic corrosion protection tape has been tested to ASTM D: 149-20 with a value of 36.1kv/mm. We produce H3453 conveniently in roll and pad format, many of our customers require the product cut to an exact shape, these are used to create pads which form the separation used between the metals, we frequently produce 18m rolls of H3453 shaped to exact cut holes to place on continuous metal forms, we are accurate to 0.1mm along the entire length of the product.


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