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ISO7010 Colour Standards in Factory and Warehouse Marking


International standards are becoming more prevalent. What does ISO7010 mean in general & for Heskins products? Read more here.

International standards are becoming more prevalent. What does ISO7010 mean in general & for Heskins products? Read more here.

Inter­national standards are becoming more prevalent for our warehouse marking tape PermaStripe. One of our aims is to always inform our customers of what standards are potentially applicable and to provide some form of detail.

What is ISO7010?

ISO7010 is the inter­national standard created in 2003 to assist with consistent safety sign regulation across Europe. This regulation concerns workplace safety signs and colour markings for accident prevention, fire protection, health & hazard information and emergency evacuation. Regulations are put in place to help provide a standardised system that is recognised throughout Europe.

PermaRoute Colour Standards

Inte­res­tingly, the UK didn’t adopt this standard until 2013, before then abiding by its own standard, BS 5499. The UK changed to ISO7010 in January of that year once the standard became a European Normative ( EN ) and adopted by European law. Heskins try to choose colours that are vibrant and are a true repre­sen­ta­tion of the colour being neither too dark not too light. We now produce a range of colours that match ISO7010. The colours apply to both rolls and warehouse markers. The colours used are detailed below;

  • Black – RAL 9004 Signal Black (used on all as repre­sen­ta­tion for black)
  • Blue – RAL 5005 Signal Blue (used for warehouse markers)
  • Green – RAL 6032 Signal Green (used for PermaStripe, green/white PermaRoute and warehouse markers)
  • Red – RAL 3001 Signal Red (used for PermaStripe, red/white PermaRoute and warehouse markers)
  • White – RAL 9003 Signal White (used for green/white PermaRoute, red/white PermaRoute and warehouse markers)
  • Yellow – RAL 1003 Signal Yellow (used for PermaStripe, black/yellow PermaRoute and warehouse markers)

How Many ISO Standards are There?

There are over 22,000 ISO Standards that cover a vast range of industries ensuring companies meet quality standards and systems.

What ISO Standards Relate to the Tape Industry?

Here are just a few ISO Standards that relate to the tape industry:

ISO 7010 – Registered Safety Signs

Following the standards set by ISO, you can ensure that the traffic in buildings, warehouses and other commercial settings is both safe and effective by having proper signage and graphical symbols that all members of staff can understand.

ISO 29862 – Determination of Peel Adhesion Properties

Understanding the strength of adhesives is very important. This allows us to create unique products, such as H3427 temporary anti-slip tape, that can be removed from the application area once it’s no longer required. 

ISO 29864 – Self-Adhesive Tapes

This ISO Standard looks at the breaking strength of tape, again a helpful measurement for Heskins as we have created H3420 No Stretch Safety-Grip for customers wanting a more rigid tape that has restricted motion for easier tape application.

ISO 14726 – Colour coding piping systems

To follow this standard, you may decide to use the relevant coloured tape to ensure the accurate piping system management layout.


Here, you can read more of our articles and product pages relating to 5S warehouse optimisation. For more information on our ISO7010 standardised products, you can contact the sales team via phone, live chat or fill out the contact us form, and a member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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