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Kiss Cut Abrasive Anti Slip Tape is Possible; And Here’s How


Kiss-cut abrasive anti-slip tape is now possible. We have put some hours into the lab to bring you something that produces kiss-cut abrasive anti-slip tape.

If someone tells you that it is impossible to create a kiss cut abrasive anti-slip tape then please tell them it can be done!

We recently gained a new customer who wanted a specific die cut piece creating, the cutting tool was created, the anti-slip pieces created, everyone is happy. Only on speaking to the customer when he reordered did he inform me that he really wanted ‘pieces on a sheet that can be peeled off quickly as they are used on a high-speed production line so time is important’ but knew that it could not be done so was very happy to compromise. After finishing on the call I immediately dispatched kiss-cut samples of our anti-slip tape with the skeleton removed.

Everyone will tell you that an abrasive anti-slip tape can never be kiss cut. They will advise you that due to the tolerances of cutting through the anti-slip tape but not the backing liner that the abrasive particles make this impossible as they damage the cutting blades and make depth control too demanding. Trust me; with the right technology and the correct operator skills, it is easily done.

The Kiss Cut Abrasive Anti Slip Tape Process

At Heskins we have a custom-designed 120 ton press, it is a complete one-off and there is not another in the world like it. The machine is based at our UK factory. It is roll-fed and PLC controlled, it operates in its own sealed area, the press kiss cuts then the anti-slip tape is automati­cally moved along, the liner is removed leaving behind the pieces on the sheet. If required, the machine has a guillotine at the last station fitted with a magic eye that can then sheet the pieces. The final process is that the finished pieces are stacked in piles of 50; once the bin is full a colleague collects the piles of 50 and packs them for dispatch.

As you can see the entire kiss-cut abrasive anti-slip tape process is completely automated. Once set up the machine runs autonomously requiring only for the piles of 50 pieces to be removed once ready (this does not stop it producing more, however) and for a new roll to be placed on the back (typically we use 100m rolls to minimise stoppage). Low labour costs for us mean that the customer receives an extremely low priced kiss-cut abrasive anti-slip tape piece. The kiss cut product results in less labour for our customers as they can apply at high speed. The setup does require more time than on our conventional die-cutting presses so higher volumes are typically required, we are happy to discuss this.

For more information or to place an order, you can do so by contacting the sales team via phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website. You can view our other bespoke services on our services page.

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