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Longboard Grip Tape Temperatures

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Here we look at the temperature changes longboard grip tape can go through, and our efforts to create a product that is suitable for the challenge.

At this time of year, the temperatures in the northern hemisphere are changing, ice and frost are starting to appear, this morning I was defrosting my car window (I was then late for work!) it made me start to think about temperature and how its properties affect our materials and their applications. Temperature requirements for our products vary widely as the uses and applications vary widely, this blog post will focus on temperature requirements for skateboard grip tape, I realise this may sound bizarre but it has a use that is often forgotten! If a boarder is skating downhill they will use a longboard, these are much longer than a conventional skateboard, their appearance is closer to a surfboard than a skateboard. A longboard will often be completely customised by the boarder to their particular racing requirements. On downhill applications, high speeds can be reached using their special boards, the high speeds combined with the extended period that the boarders feet are in contact with the base results in high temperatures. The temperatures that are experienced are higher than one would normally expect, the resulting temperature changes can affect grip tape immediately. Heskins has produced specific heat resistant longboard grip tape material for this application without allowing for any compromise on adhesion, coefficient of friction, ease of use etc for our skateboard grip tape. We have created heat resistant grip tape materials using all our versions with success. Prior to efforts of our company’s efforts a downhill racer had to simply accept that there was no solution to the problem; the skateboard grip tape would start to melt, there was no alternative.

Hopefully, this blog post will show the commitment of Heskins to finding a solution to problems, we strongly believe that a problem is merely a solution in development. The downhill racer market is small but hopefully encompasses the positive ethos of our company, to summarise; we want your problems, we might be able to help!

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