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Marine Anti Slip Tape in Kitchens

Anti-Slip Tape

Marine anti slip tape is Heskins first marine-specific anti-slip product. It is useful for other applications though, such as kitchens. Read more here.

Marine anti slip tape is not only one of the most recent product additions in the Heskins range but is the first truly marine-specific anti-slip products.

While we naturally expect it to be primarily used in marine-based appli­cations, it also lends itself to various other anti-slip applications further inland.

In this case, a customer of ours applied it to the floor of their hotel kitchen, as its mop friendly yet abrasive surface was perfect for increasing safety in their small, yet fast-paced environment. This helped to eradicate slip and fall injuries in the workplace, allowing the staff to work at the pace they are used to without the risk of slip accidents.

They applied 50mm wide grey marine anti-slip tape in parallel lines across the floor leaving the same appro­ximately sized gaps in between. This meant a more cost-effective application as they covered enough surface area for effective slip prevention. Any more would essentially be no more effective, yet more expensive. Supplying Heskins anti slip tape in various roll widths allows our customers to receive a truly cost-effective solution.

While marine anti slip tape is abrasive, the grit used is silicone carbide, which are small glass beads, rather than the aluminium oxide shards used on Heskins Safety Grip. These allow for an abrasive surface that is easily cleaned and doesn’t damage cleaning equipment. You can read more on that here.

Marine anti slip tape is just another product to be added alongside the anti-slip tapes Heskins produces and supplies that can be used in kitchen areas. Many of the Heskins non-abrasive anti-slip range is also used in many kitchens across the world.

Marine anti slip tape is available for immediate dispatch in various colours, shapes and sizes. Custom options are available dependent on minimum order quantities.

To enquire about marine anti slip tape, please contact the sales team via phone, email or the contact us form on the website.

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