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Marine Anti Slip Tape in Kitchens


Marine anti slip tape is Heskins first marine-specific anti-slip product. It is useful for other applications though, such as kitchens. Read more here.

Discover Marine Anti-Slip Tape: Versatile Safety for Marine and Beyond

At Heskins, we are constantly innovating to provide our customers with top-notch anti-slip solutions. One of our latest additions is Marine Anti-Slip Tape, and it’s not just a game-changer for marine applications; it offers versatile safety solutions for a variety of settings, including kitchens and beyond.

Marine Anti-Slip Tape: A Specialised Solution

Marine Anti-Slip Tape is a recent product addition to the Heskins line up, and it’s more than just another anti-slip tape. It is our first truly marine-specific anti-slip product, designed to withstand the unique challenges and conditions of marine environments. Its primary purpose is to enhance safety on boats, ships, docks, and other marine settings where slips and other accidents can have serious consequences.

Going Beyond the Waves: Marine Tape for Kitchens

While Marine Anti-Slip Tape is ideally suited for marine-based applications, its versatility extends beyond the shoreline. One notable example involves a customer who recognised the benefits of this specialised tape and decided to apply it in their hotel kitchen.

In a busy hotel kitchen, safety is paramount. The staff works tirelessly in a fast-paced environment, and any slip or fall accidents can disrupt operations and cause injuries. This particular customer found that the mop-friendly yet abrasive surface of Marine Anti-Slip Tape was a perfect fit for their needs.

They strategically applied 50mm wide grey Marine Anti-Slip Tape in parallel lines across the kitchen floor, leaving equally spaced gaps in between. This approach was not only effective in preventing slips but also cost-effective. They covered enough surface area to ensure slip prevention without overspending. At Heskins, we understand that providing anti-slip tape in various roll widths allows a cost-effective solution tailored to your specific requirements.

The Gritty Details: Silicone Carbide Grit

Marine Anti-Slip Tape is abrasive, but it features a unique type of grit: silicone carbide. Unlike the aluminium oxide shards used in Heskins Safety Grip, silicone carbide consists of small glass beads. This choice of material ensures an abrasive surface that is easily cleaned from debris and doesn’t damage cleaning equipment, a crucial factor in kitchen environments where hygiene is of utmost importance.

Versatile Anti-Slip Solutions for Kitchens

Marine Anti-Slip Tape is not alone in its suitability for kitchen areas. Many of the Heskins non-abrasive anti-slip tapes are also trusted in kitchens worldwide. Whether it’s for restaurant kitchens, hotel kitchens, or any other culinary setting, our range of anti-slip solutions provides reliable safety for both staff and customers.

Get Your Marine Anti-Slip Tape

Marine Anti-Slip Tape is available for immediate dispatch in various colours, shapes, and sizes. Customisation options are also available, depending on minimum order quantities. To inquire about Marine Anti-Slip Tape or any other anti-slip solutions, please reach out to our dedicated sales team. You can contact Heskins via phone, email, or by using the contact form on our website.

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In conclusion, Marine Anti-Slip Tape is not just a niche product for marine environments; it’s a versatile safety solution that finds its place even in kitchens and beyond. Thank you for considering Heskins as your trusted partner in safety, and we look forward to assisting you with your specific anti-slip needs. Your safety is our top priority, and we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that make a difference.



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