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Mild Abrasive Safety Grip Tape Now Available


After years of creating the most abrasive anti-slip tapes, we decided it was time to offer the opposite. Read more about Heskins mild abrasive anti-slip tape here.

For years we continuously pushed the boundaries of creating an anti-slip tape range that had the deepest grit granules, the biggest variations between peaks and valleys with the thickest abrasive minerals (think of our X-Coarse anti-slip tape) but now we have turned our attention towards creating a range that is the opposite end of the abrasive scale.

After diligently perfecting the craft of developing the most abrasive anti-slip tapes in the market, our team at Heskins has decided it’s time for a refreshing change. With great excitement, we present to you our latest addition, the Mild Abrasive Safety Grip Tape. Now, you might be wondering, “What makes this new product so special?”

As most of you are aware, our repertoire has always boasted products with the deepest grit granules and the biggest variations between peaks and valleys, along with the thickest abrasive minerals. Our X-Coarse anti-slip tape is a prime example of such. However, we felt the need to diversify our range, so we’ve turned our attention towards the other end of the abrasive scale. The result? The creation of our newest, the H3432, an abrasive anti-slip tape that bears the mildest anti-slip coating we have ever produced for a stock abrasive product.

So, “What makes the H3432 unique compared to other tapes?” I hear you ask.

This tape boasts a full 100% surface coverage. Yes, you read that right – 100%! However, the minerals incorporated are smaller than those in our other tapes, resulting in a low peak to valley measurement. This unique feature can indeed be beneficial and more desirable for specific applications.

You may be questioning now, “When would I typically need a mild abrasive safety material?” Here are a few situations where it comes handy:

  1. When you’re in search of a thinner abrasive anti-slip material.
  2. When you need a lighter abrasive anti-slip material.
  3. When you want a material that is gentle to the touch, yet retains its anti-slip properties, but cannot be non-abrasive.

The H3432, being a stock item, is currently available in a stylish black. But, should you fancy a different colour, you might be thinking, “Can I customise the colour to suit my requirements?” The answer is, absolutely yes!

We can custom produce it in any colour you fancy, provided you meet the MOQs (minimum order quantities). We’re also offering all roll widths and can die-cut to any size or design to cater to your needs. You might be wondering, “Would this affect the delivery times?” Well, for any bespoke product requests, we do request a slightly extended lead time to ensure we deliver the product that matches your exact requirements. For more information on our customisation services, you can find everything you need here.

We believe this exciting addition will diversify our range, catering to the needs of our customers who prefer a milder grip. “Is there more information available?” Of course! For further details on our new Mild Abrasive Safety Grip Tape or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team at Heskins is always eager to assist and answer your queries.

So, there you have it! A tape that offers the gentleness you desire without compromising on its slip-resistant properties, making it the perfect solution for a broad range of applications. Would you like to give it a try? Reach out to us today. Let’s bring your vision to life, one tape at a time.

For more information, or to order H3432 mild-abrasive Safety Grip please get in touch with our sales team by live chat or phone. Alter­natively, complete the contact us form on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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