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Mild Abrasive Safety Grip Tape Now Available


After years of creating the most abrasive anti-slip tapes, we decided it was time to offer the opposite. Read more about Heskins mild abrasive anti-slip tape here.

For years we continuously pushed the boundaries of creating an anti-slip tape range that had the deepest grit granules, the biggest variations between peaks and valleys with the thickest abrasive minerals (think of our X-Coarse anti-slip tape) but now we have turned our attention towards creating a range that is the opposite end of the abrasive scale.

H3432 is an abrasive anti-slip tape but features the mildest anti-slip coating we have ever manufactured for a stock abrasive product (we do produce even milder formats, but these are special productions for customers who meet the MOQ). This anti-slip tape has full 100% surface coverage, but the minerals are smaller. This results in a low peak to valley measurement, which is beneficial and more desirable in some appli­cations.

A mild abrasive safety material has its uses. Typically, they are;

  • When you need a thinner abrasive anti-slip material
  • When you need a lighter abrasive anti-slip material
  • When you want a gentle to the touch anti-slip, but it cannot be non-abrasive

As mentioned H3432 is a stock item. We are producing it in black but, dependent on MOQ’s (minimum order quantities), can custom produce it for you in any colour format. All roll widths are available and we can die-cut to any size or design. For any bespoke product requests, please allow for slightly extended lead times. Information on our custom services can be found here.

For more information, or to order H3432 mild-abrasive Safety Grip please get in touch with our sales team by live chat or phone. Alter­natively, complete the contact us form on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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