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Mop Friendly Anti Slip Tape


Allow us to introduce to you our first ‘abrasive’ mop friendly anti-slip tape. We are proud that we have created a mop friendly anti slip tape for use….

Marine anti slip tape is one of our more recent intro­duc­tions. As Heskins first marine-specific anti-slip product, it is now a flagship material which a lot of our future products will evolve from. While it feels abrasive, it is a different beast to our regular Safety Grip™, featuring S2 rather than aluminium oxide. S2 are small, round glass beads, making it comfortable to walk on, yet still providing adequate slip prevention, even in the most demanding of envi­ron­ments. One benefit we have discovered recently is that it is completely mopped friendly! And aside from our non-abrasives, this is the first abrasive material that can confidently be classed as a mop friendly anti-slip tape. It can be easily cleaned with a mop, without the beads causing damage and shortening the mops life span.

Our abrasive anti-slip tapes, in particular our Safety Grip™ range, will never be mop friendly, simply due to the construc­tion. The aluminium oxide grit is a sharp-edged granule that when applied, is passed through a static bar to ensure the sharpest points are pointing up. To attempt to mop this material would not only end up with a damaged mop but a lot of fibres caught in the anti-slip tape, resulting in, if you are aesthe­tic­ally inclined, time-consuming removal. The round glass beads on marine anti slip tape allow the mop to go over without any sharp edges catching the fibres, or damaging the mop, ensuring easy cleaning. If you require a mop friendly anti slip tape, then please get in touch to enquire or order. We can offer samples of marine anti slip tape for you to see the quality of the product first hand. Custom options are also an option, as dependent on order quantity we can create our products in a range of colours matching Pantone or RAL references

You can contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the site. We would love to hear from you.

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