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Slip and Fall Accidents Cause More Concussions Than Sports?


It is fair to assume there are more concussion injuries from sports than slip and fall accidents. However, you may be surprised….

It is not a mistake to assume that sports injuries would be one of the leading causes of concussion and other brain injuries. However, it is in fact slip and fall injuries that is a leading cause, accounting for 40% of concussion and other brain related injuries nationwide. As the snow and ice seems quite imminent on our shores, having already appeared in Scotland, and no doubt soon to make it’s way to England, combining this with the dark nights makes for an increase in risk of slip and fall injuries. Protecting yourself from injuries due to slip and falls is important all year round, as it’s not only snow and ice than cause these types of injuries. Water, dirt build up and poor footwear can all attribute to a fall. We produce and supply a wide range of anti slip tapes, perfect for protecting against slip and fall injuries on all but the loosest of surfaces.

Standard Anti Slip Tape

Used for standard application, as the name suggests, standard anti-slip tape is great for general purpose slip protection, providing great grip on virtually all surfaces.

Coarse Anti Slip Tape

Coarse anti-slip tape has large grit granules applied to the surface. This creates wide valleys, inbetween the peaks. This prevents ice and dirt from clogging the valleys and rendering the anti-slip surface ineffective.

HG-Extra Coarse Anti Slip tape

This is our extreme, industry-grade anti-slip tape, using large grit granules to create very harsh, abrasive surfaces to prevent slips in all but the most unfathomable conditions.

Bolt Down Anti Slip Plates

For the aforem­en­tioned loose surfaces, bolt down anti-slip plates can be applied in areas where anti-slip tape can not be applied. By using bolt down anti-slip plates, you can have an anti-slip surface which can only be used when needed also, as the plates are fixed down with screws or nails. Heskins stock a range of non-abrasive anti-slip tapes, as well as our abrasive range, for use in many envi­ron­ments. Many colours and sizes are available, with custom options available dependent on order quantity. For more information, please visit the website, or contact us on 01254 832266, or use the live chat feature to speak to a member of our sales team immediately.


In order to meet health and safety regulations regarding the risk of slip and fall accidents at work, the anti-slip tape can be extremely beneficial. Employers are required to take precautions against slip and fall accidents by laws and regulations in many nations, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The Workplace Regulations 1992 in the United Kingdom require that companies ensure that floors are clear of obstructions and slip hazards and that the necessary precautions are taken to avoid slips and falls. Anti-slip tape can be applied in places where falls and slips are prone to happen.

Overall, the anti-slip tape can play an essential role in meeting an employer’s duty of care duties to prevent slips, falls, and injuries at work while also complying with health and safety regulations.

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