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New Addition: Blue Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape

Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

We’ve added a new colour to our ever-expanding range of non-abrasives… blue coarse resilient anti-slip tape. Read on to find out more information.

At Heskins, we are constantly expanding our range of non-abrasive anti-slip solutions to cater to various industries and environments. Heskins are proud to announce the latest addition to their product lineup: blue coarse resilient anti-slip tape. In this blog post, we will provide you with more information about this new colour option and its suitability for the marine sector. Discover the exceptional features and benefits that make our blue coarse resilient tape a valuable addition to our anti-slip range.

Enhanced Safety and Performance: Our blue coarse resilient anti-slip tape is specifically designed with the marine sector in mind. It offers superb levels of coefficient of friction, exceeding the guidelines set by the UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG). This ensures superior traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls even in wet or slippery conditions. The tape’s coarse texture provides an effective grip surface, enhancing safety for both foot traffic and marine equipment.

Comfort and Ease of Maintenance: In addition to its remarkable performance, our blue coarse resilient tape also offers comfort and convenience. It has a soft feel that is gentle to bare feet, making it suitable for various marine applications. Whether on boats, docks, or other marine structures, this tape provides a comfortable surface that can be traversed with confidence. Furthermore, it is easy to clean, allowing for hassle-free maintenance and ensuring a consistently high level of performance.

Waterproof and Versatile Adhesive: To meet the demanding requirements of the marine sector, our blue coarse resilient anti-slip tape is completely waterproof. It is designed to withstand exposure to water, salt, and other harsh marine conditions without compromising its performance or durability. The tape’s superb adhesive properties ensure excellent adhesion to almost any clean, dry, and grease-free surface. Whether applied to fibreglass, wood, metal, or other materials commonly found in the marine industry, our tape adheres securely, providing reliable anti-slip protection.

Request Samples and Obtain More Information: We understand the importance of evaluating products firsthand before making a decision. To obtain samples of our blue coarse resilient anti-slip tape or to acquire more detailed information, please reach out to our sales office via the Contact Us form.

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The introduction of blue coarse resilient anti-slip tape expands our range of non-abrasive solutions, specifically catering to the marine sector. Its superior coefficient of friction, soft feel, and waterproof characteristics make it an excellent choice for various marine applications. Whether for boats, docks, or other marine structures, this tape enhances safety and provides reliable anti-slip protection. Contact our sales office to request samples or obtain more information, and subscribe to our blogs and newsletters to stay informed about our latest offerings. Experience the performance and versatility of Heskins’ blue coarse resilient anti-slip tape in your marine environments.



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