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New Glow in the Dark Directional Marking Tape

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Heskins new glow in the dark directional tape will allow you to have a visual, glow in the dark aid to guide people to exits during lights out.

We have a new photolu­min­escent material to announce; glow in the dark directional marking tape! Have you ever been in a building, and the lights have gone out and you can’t find the exit? Heck, have you been in a building during the day and can’t find the exit? Well, now you can, by simply applying Heskins new glow in the dark directional marking tape!! *crowd goes wild* The difference with our glow in the dark directional marking tape compared to our other egress tapes, is that the top surface has a black, full chevron print, helping to guide employees and guests in the right direction on walkways and stairways to the exits day or night. This top print is then protected with a laminate layer, to prevent wear and tear through prolonged use. H8101C is an excellent glow in the dark directional marking tape that has impressive luminance figures of between 4~6 hours! This is a midway point between our standard and high-quality egress tapes in terms of glow time, adding a new performance and pricing level option for you!

Why Offer More Glow in the Dark Tape?

You may think “why not only produce and sell the material that glows for the longest time?”. Well, the reason behind that, is because not everyone needs a glow in the dark tape that glows for extended hours. You may only need a glow in the dark tape that glows for 15 minutes, something that lights up an area just long enough that allows you to get from the light switches to the door. On the other hand, you may need glow in the dark material to add cost-effective guidance through unimportant or lightly used areas, so as to not spend on money powering lights all the time. Glow in the dark material that glows for long periods of time that will safely guide people through extensive areas if there is ever a power out may also be another option for you. This is exactly why we offer glow in the dark materials with varying glow times to you, as the cost difference for manufacture between the short term glow and long term glow is extensive, so we like to offer products that not only suit your need but will be cost-effective too! Heskins will be bringing a video out in the future that demonstrates the use of our new directional glow in the dark marking tape in the future. You can subscribe to the Heskins Youtube channel and like the Heskins Facebook page in anticipation for that anno­un­cement. The 50mm x 10m rolls are available immediately from stock. Excellent for highlighting and guiding towards exit routes and steps. The reason why we only offer it in this size is due to the print. For other sizes, you can view our glow in the dark egress hazard marking tape. For more information, you can contact the sales team via phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website!

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