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New H3443 Chemical Resistant Safety Grip Anti Slip Tape


There are many areas used where exposure to chemicals is a possibility. We decided to combat this by producing chemical resistant anti-slip tape.

In certain applications, there is a requirement for a non-slip tape with higher chemical resistance levels. All of our anti-slip tapes have high levels of chemical resistance, we always supply the utmost quality, we send our conventional materials for testing at external laboratories to ensure that the veracity cannot be in doubt. For certain situations there might be a need for something to have high levels of resistance to certain chemicals and especially mixes of chemicals that soak the anti-slip surface, i.e. there is no drying, the product is constantly exposed. For applications as mentioned earlier, we developed H3443. H3443 Chemical Resistant safety-grip has a different composition, the minerals are held in place with an exclusive and unique coating, the coating effectively repels almost all chemicals that could be experienced in commercial environments. H3443 chemical resistant anti-slip tape is, at present, produced in black. We can, based on attained quantities, produce any colour. When applied H3443 looks exactly the same as H3401 standard safety grip, the appearance is indistinguishable. Samples can be sent on request.

Where Can Chemical-Resistant Tape Be Applied?

For most applications, our standard Safety-Grip will perform perfectly. However, in the small number of applications, it can cause slight problems, such as harsh chemicals can affect the resin of the material, taking away the non-slip properties. Our H3447 Chemical-Resistance tape is perfect for these scenarios in areas commonly exposed to high concentrate MEK, toluene, acids and alkalis etc. Areas such as laboratories, whether that is in the classroom or high-tech research facilities dealing with a range of chemicals. Another area for appliance would be car garages when dealing with the oils and the chemical equipment for the cars, and this material will provide a strong non-slip solution that is designed to last in these specific environments.

What Is Meant By Chemically Resistant?

The ability of a material to fight off a chemicals or solvent reaction is based on chemical resistance being chemically inert. In opposition to chemical reactivity, it. It determines how resistant a material is too corrosive conditions. Chemical resistance often refers to the time a material can continue to be chemically resistant. Because of their outstanding resistance to various chemicals, thermoplastics are suitable for use in many industrial process applications. In relation to anti-slip tape, it helps prolong the life of the tape as it is designed to be resistant to these harsh chemicals and provides the perfect non-slip solution in these specific environments.

What Grades Does Chemical Resistant Come In?

  • H3447 – Standard Grade
  • H3443 – Coarse Grade
  • H3446 – X-Coarse
  • H3449 – Standard with HG Adhesive

All 3 are finished with the same resin coating, but just like our Safety-Grip, have different-sized grit granules applied to the surface to cope with the demands that different environments create.

If you would like to learn more about chemical resistant Safety-Grip, you can do so by contacting us by phone, live chat, or filling out the contact form and a member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.



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