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New Heskins Website for the Middle East


Heskins have launched a new website that caters specifically for the middle east. Read more about the new Heskins website right here.

This week we have launched a version of our Heskins website that specifically caters for middle eastern customers and prospects.

The new website provides helpful information regarding all of Heskins anti slip and floor marking products readily translated for Arabic speaking countries.

The success of our recent website designs have provided us with a platform to quickly create new, country-specific websites for other parts of the world in our easy to navigate format. The new website for the Middle East adds to our additional specific sites for countries in the European continent and America. We are very proud to add the Middle East as an area for which we can provide detailed information on our anti slip and line marking safety products.

The entirety of the sites content has been manually translated into Arabic and formatted on the website to ensure the information is as clear and helpful as possible to allow people to make an educated business decision in as short a time as possible on what safety tapes to purchase from Heskins.

If you need an anti-slip or floor marking solution for your business you can browse the new website right now by going to www.­heskins.­ae

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