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New non-abrasive H3451 Coarse Resilient Lean Anti-Slip tape

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There is lots and lots of scope for additional non-abrasive anti-slip materials, and coarse resilient lean anti slip tape is one of the latest additions…

There is a vast scope for additional non-abrasive anti-slip materials, and one of the latest additions to our range is the coarse resilient lean anti-slip tape. We strongly believe that non-abrasive materials represent the future of anti-slip solutions. Thanks to recent advancements in plastic technology and embossing tool accuracy, we are now able to produce materials that were unimaginable just a decade ago.

The availability of “exotic” plastics has opened up new possibilities, allowing us to create materials with higher levels of coefficient of friction (grip) while offering additional advantageous properties such as good heat resistance and zero phthalate levels. Furthermore, the quality of embossing tools has significantly improved over the years. In the past, these tools were designed and cut by hand, but today’s technology allows us to collaborate with expert embossing tool designers and create surfaces with deep valleys, aggressive textures, and irregular patterns, all without the use of abrasive minerals.

One of our notable materials in this new wave of non-abrasive technology is the H3451 Coarse Resilient Lean. Building on the success of its predecessor, the H3415 Coarse Resilient (now in its third version, MK3), the H3451 offers an excellent upper emboss and possesses all the desirable properties of the H3415. However, we have made it thinner to meet the specific needs of customers who require a material with a lower film thickness. This thinner version not only provides greater flexibility but also comes at a more affordable price point. The H3451 Coarse Resilient Lean easily conforms to different surfaces, ensuring effective and reliable anti-slip performance.

With the H3451 Coarse Resilient Lean, you can create safer environments without compromising on quality or performance. Whether it’s for industrial facilities, commercial spaces, public areas, or even residential applications, this non-abrasive anti-slip tape is designed to meet your needs. Its enhanced grip properties help prevent slips, trips, and falls, even in challenging conditions.

To further emphasize the versatility of the H3451, it is available in a variety of widths, ranging from as small as 15mm up to 1168mm, allowing you to choose the dimensions that best suit your requirements. This flexibility enables the tape to be used in various settings, from narrow walkways and staircases to larger open areas.
At Heskins, we understand that every environment has unique demands. That’s why we strive to offer customized solutions that cater to specific needs. If you have specific color requirements, we can also provide the H3451 Coarse Resilient Lean in different colors to match your branding or safety coding system. Just let us know your preferences, and we will work with you to deliver the right solution.

To enquire further about our new H3451 lean coarse resilient or to place an order, we encourage you to contact us through our available channels. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting the right product for your requirements and providing any additional information you may need.

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At Heskins, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of anti-slip technology and providing our customers with innovative solutions that prioritize safety, performance, and user satisfaction.



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