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New non-abrasive H3451 Coarse Resilient Lean Anti-Slip tape


There is lots and lots of scope for additional non-abrasive anti-slip materials, and coarse resilient lean anti slip tape is one of the latest additions…

We really do feel that non-abrasive materials are the future of anti-slip materials. The recent advancements in both plastic technology and embossing tool accuracy have allowed us to produce materials that were unimaginable even just ten years ago. The availability of plastics that were ‘exotic’ enables materials that naturally have higher levels of coefficient of friction (grip levels) often also offering other advantageous properties such as good heat resistance, zero phthalate levels etc. Embossing tools have exponentially risen in quality. Back in the 1990s (I’m feeling old now); they were designed by hand, cut by a manual process. The march of technology has allowed our company to meet with the embossing tool designers and create something that was impossible to create previously; we can create deep valleys, aggressive and irregular surfaces, all without the use of abrasive minerals.

H3451 Coarse Resilient

H3451 Coarse Resilient Lean is one of our materials at the new wave of non-abrasive technology. Our H3415 Coarse Resilient is very popular, we are now producing our third version of it (MK3), the latest version uses a hybrid plastic and has an excellent upper emboss, absolutely superb, we feel that we cannot further improve on the MK3 so decided to make it thinner. Many customers have no need for the film thickness used on H3415; often they require a thinner material that suits their requirement better. H3451 Coarse Resilient Lean possesses all the properties of H3415 but is thinner; as such, the price is also lower. The H3451 offers greater flexibility and easily conforms to different surfaces. To enquire further about our new H3451 lean coarse resilient, or to order, please contact us by phone, live chat us or use the contact form on the site.

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