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New PermaStripe Line Marking Corners


Want to create a bespoke line marking solution for your factory or warehouse? Look no further. We have added to our range with new line marking corners.

Want to create an organized warehouse or production facility? PermaStripe line marking is the solution. Want to have a totally integrated 5S appearance? You want the new PermaStripe corner markers.

Each of the new PermaStripe line marking corners is designed to perfectly bring a neat finish to 2 tangent warehouse lines, no more creating 45° mitred corners using kraft knives etc. The corners come in all the widths (50mm, 75mm and 100mm), in all the colours (apart from 100mm, at present only yellow or white is available). The colours are a perfect colour match ensuring that your warehouse or production area is completed to aviation or automotive standard level of appearance. Every corner has a rounded outer and inner to help with aesthetics.

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