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Non Slip Fabric; Now in Red & Blue

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Our always popular non-slip fabric now comes in 2 vibrant colours, red and blue. Our anti-slip fabric can be cut to size to be used virtually anywhere.

Non-slip fabric, our very versatile anti-slip mesh product, has now got a couple of additions to the range. A fabric mesh is created, before applying a non-slip foam, which is aerated so when dry, it’s non-slip and grip properties are achieved by the fabric compressing under the weight of the object placed upon it, creating an almost holding grip effect. Until recently we only stocked fairly neutral colours, black, white and beige. They have been popular with our customers for many years, due to the ability to blend into surro­un­dings, providing incon­spi­cuous slip protection for expensive items or objects within mobile units.

We had an enquiry from a customer in the marine industry, requesting our non-slip fabric in more bright and vivid colours, their choices being red and blue. We produced some custom stock for them and since that time, the popularity has gone through the roof! The brighter colours have been very popular in the marine industry. Red and blue non-slip fabric is available in the same sizes as all our other non-slip fabrics, up to 1.5 metres in width and up to 25 metres in length. For more information on our non-slip fabric, head over to the page here.

To place an order, or to enquire about custom options, please contact us by phone, email, live chat, or the contact us form on this very site.

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