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Non Slip Tape used in French Exhibition


We were recently contacted to be notified about the use of our Safety Grip non-slip tape is some displays for an exhibition in France. Read more inside…

Recently, we received an email informing us of the use of our Safety Grip non-slip tape on some displays at an exhibition. Not Without Reason (Non-Sans Raison) are porcelain manuf­ac­turers, but more in the sense where the team are art directors and do not manufacture in-house. The exhibition presents their work and is held at the prestigious Museum Adrien Dubouché in the city and commune of Limoges, the admi­nis­trative capital of the Limousin region on west-central France.

Heskins Safety Grip non-slip tape was used by E. Bardelli, who also sent in photos of the work he created, a series of scenographic work for the exhibition. Check out the range of art and exhibitions over on their website! We are thrilled to see our tape being used in such way by a talented artist, we encourage you to take a look at Etienne Bardelli’s other artwork on his website!

Etienne Bardelli’s Work

The scenographic work, seen above, consists of the design laser cut out of the black Safety Grip, which is then applied over white, to provide contrast and show the design that has been made. A series of these have been created, 3 using the outline with Safety Grip, and 3 using the cut shape from the Safety Grip, all applied to white to provide the best contrast and make the design stand out. The last piece we have to show you is a musical reference piece. The base has been covered in Heskins Safety Grip with pins applied into the surface. These pins have been applied in such an order to hit the keys on the synthesizer as it moved around. The non-slip tape has been very meticulously applied to ensure all edges and curves are as smooth as possible. We are really impressed, with not only their unique work but their use of our material. We hope they can send us more images of their wonderful creations with our flagship product, which shows yet more examples of where Heskins Safety Grip can be applied! Heskins Safety Grip is available in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes, ready for immediate dispatch. Custom options are available dependent on order request, allowing you to order specific anti-slip products to cater for your business. If requesting custom colour options, please note we can only work to Pantone or RAL references. Heskins Safety Grip is manufactured in wide-width logs measuring up to 1128mm, allowing you to request specific roll sizes within that size.­

What Is Anti-Slip Tape?

Anti-Slip tape is a simple but effective non-slip solution, It strong non-slip surface helps reduce the chances of any slips or falls, wether that be walking up the stairs or on a more commonly known slippery surface and preventing the risk of injuries whilst improving overall safety.

Heskins can also offer custom die cuts and prints if required. To enquire further, or to place an order, please contact Heskins by phone, email or Live Chat.

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