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Paper Reel Transportation Optimised with Non-Slip Fabric

Non-Slip Fabric

Heskins is busy helping hauliers, paper reel manufacturers, and distributors conform to EN12195-1:2010. This deals with putting non-slip paper reels whilst being transported to reduce safety risks. The full standard can be downloaded from CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries) or other sources, but we list the relevant section below and advise what Heskins produces to help anyone involved in paper roll handling meet EN12195, this is also being required by DVSA and RHA.

Our non-slip fabrics are perfect for this application as we offer self-adhesive grip material variants. The fabrics can be reused (as long as the integrity has been maintained), but they are low price enough to be one use only. Our H4643 is the most popular. We supply 150mm wide strips, and any length is possible. All the products we have recommended have a Coefficient of Friction in excess of the paper roll handling requirement of μ0.6 t. The strips should be used under the reels to expose an ideal outer uncoated strip of approximately 1cm. The back reels must also have a further strip underneath to prevent backward slipping.

Diagram 1 below shows how self-adhesive grip material such as non-slip fabric is in use to secure paper reels ensuring safe transportation.

Diagram 2 demonstrates how the two paper reels at the back of the truck should be secured with anti-slip fabric. An additional pieces should be placed underneath to ensure the reel doesn’t touch the lorry’s floor. This improves security on hills when the truck is subject to tilting.

Diagram 3 shows the inside of a lorry where the paper reels are correctly secured with non-slip fabric, a self-adhesive grip material and webbed restraint straps.

If you need further advise our helpful team are always full of knowledge that we share freely!


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