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Our Latest Self Adhesive Grip Material PeakGrip


PeakGrip H3456 our newest self adhesive grip material. It is a special abrasive product. Designed for use on electric scooters and similar last mile transport products. It has the following unique properties;

Silicone carbide mineral

Silicone carbide is not our most common mineral, it is more commonly used at our American sister company but this mineral works really well on PeakGrip. We use large chunky granules.

HG adhesive

We have coated PeakGrip self adhesive grip material with HG adhesive, it is incredibly strong, it will grab almost anything and stay there.


We deliberately chose the product to have a thick mineral and our unique HG adhesive, it is incredibly tough and durable.

Wide gaps

We introduced wide gaps between the grits, this not only looks great but allows for water and fluids to freely flow away.

Printed backing liner

If you see a printed backing liner on any self adhesive grip material then the chances are that it was produced at Heskins!

Full colour printing

Our full colour printing lines provide durable full colour printing, all printed within Heskins.

We can send samples of H3456 PeakGrip self adhesive grip material immediately, this product can also be used anywhere, not just scooters!


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