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PermaRoute – The Perfect Airport Marking Solution


Firstly, what exactly is PermaRoute? PermaRoute is a durable and complete floor marking system that allows you to create aisle ways and associated signage. A system that allows you to optimise your target area for maximum performance, ensuring a more streamlined, organised, tidy and safe workflow.

Why is PermaRoute ideal for an airport Environment?

With PermaRoute you are not limited to simple lines; it is a versatile method that allows you to develop a clear set of visual aids for airport markings. This is achieved by the vast selection of lines, angles, junctions and corners available. Not only is this extremely durable it offers high visibility in all industry standard colours. Here are examples of how PermaRoute is used as an airport marking solution in a practical and significant way at an airport check in desk and security gate.

Check-in/Security Gates

With PermaRoute, you can easily guide passengers to their check in desk or security gate, with the durable finish lasting for a long time under constant foot traffic. Colour changes can denote where queues must wait before proceeding to desk or gate, with letters available to apply if necessary to highlight the message required. Arrows are used to direct guests once they have checked in, or need to be directed to the security gates available. Feet shapes help people position themselves correctly through security gates, with rotary scanners requiring a certain position for you to be in, by placing your feet on these you can make the process as quick as possible, and help passenger flow. By using PermaRoute for airport markings, you can create a long lasting and visible system, that is cost effective also.


More advantages of this resourceful product are that there is hardly any preparation is required for application, with minimal downtime required. As soon as the product is applied, it is ready. The surface merely needs to be clean, dry and free from grease. Porous surfaces may need priming prior to application but Heskins surface primer is available to help you with this. This 700mu thick product is available in rolls up to 1168mm in various colours and can be cut into virtually any shape.

Dependent on order quantity, we can offer a bespoke service that allows you to receive a floor marking solution which is specific to your business needs. Any colour, shape and size is possible. Colours must match Pantone or RAL references.

For more information, and to view the range, you can visit the PermaRoute website, or alternatively you can contact us by phone, email, Live Chat or the contact us form on the site.

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