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PermaStripe Boot Shapes in Airport Security Trays


Airport security queues can be slow due to a lack of clear instruction. Heskins provides PermaStripe for airport security trays speeding them up.

Heskins have received enquiries recently from various flight security agencies with a problem. They felt that security queues in airports were being slowed down due to passengers simply not knowing where to place their shoes when they remove them while going through security gates. While per person, this is merely seconds of time, with the amount of people passing through, this time can really add up, and cause massive delays. They required a solution which gave passengers clear and direct indication of where to place their shoes once they have removed them. By providing visual instruction, this reduces the amount of time security staff are distracted with vocal instruction to individuals, increasing focus on their task and speeding up security gate queue. Heskins recommended PermaStripe, specifically die cut boot shapes, as it has an extremely high quality adhesive that will securely bond to the PP (Polyp­ro­pylene) plastic tray used. PP is a difficult surface to adhere to, due to its low energy (read more on low energy surfaces here) but PermaStripe adhesive works perfectly. The PermaStripe die-cut boots shapes Heskins provided are at a scale of 1:1, and when applied in the tray provide correct visual guidance, helping to lessen queue times through airport security. It is a neat and simple idea that is effective and inexpensive. For more information on Heskins PermaStripe material, you can visit the PermaStripe website, or alter­natively contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the Heskins website.



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