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PermaStripe Boot Shapes in Airport Security Trays


Airport security queues can be slow due to a lack of clear instruction. Heskins provides PermaStripe for airport security trays speeding them up.


Airport security queues can often be a frustrating experience for travellers due to a lack of clear instructions. Recognising this problem, Heskins has received inquiries from various flight security agencies seeking a solution. They have noticed that passengers need clarification about where to place their shoes when going through security gates is causing delays. Although the time taken per person is minimal, the cumulative effect of numerous passengers can lead to significant disruptions. To address this issue, Heskins has recommended the use of PermaStripe, specifically die-cut boot shapes, to provide visual guidance and expedite the security process.

Enhancing Efficiency:

By offering clear and direct indications of where passengers should place their shoes after removal, the implementation of visual instructions significantly reduces the time spent on vocal instructions from security staff. This allows them to maintain focus on their primary task and speeds up the overall security gate queue. The ability to streamline the process not only benefits passengers by reducing wait times but also improves operational efficiency for airport security agencies.

The Power of PermaStripe:

Heskins selected PermaStripe as the ideal solution for this challenge due to its exceptional adhesive qualities. Adhering to the PP (Polypropylene) plastic trays used in airport security, especially a low-energy surface like PP, can be challenging. However, PermaStripe’s high-quality adhesive performs admirably in this environment. Heskins provided die-cut boot shapes at a 1:1 scale, which, when applied to the trays, offer precise visual guidance for proper shoe placement. This simple yet effective concept proves to be an inexpensive and efficient solution for reducing queue times at airport security checkpoints.

Further Information and Contact:

For more details on Heskins’ PermaStripe material and its applications, we encourage you to visit the PermaStripe website. PermaStripe is a versatile product that offers various solutions for enhancing safety and organisation in numerous industries. By exploring the website, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how PermaStripe can benefit your specific needs.

If you have specific inquiries or require personalised assistance, our team is available to assist you. You can contact Heskins through various channels, including phone, live chat, or the contact form on the Heskins website. We are dedicated to providing the information and support you need to enhance security processes and improve the overall airport experience.


Heskins is committed to addressing the challenges faced by airport security agencies and enhancing the efficiency of airport operations. By providing visual guidance through PermaStripe die-cut boot shapes, we empower passengers to navigate the security process with ease and minimise the need for verbal instructions. This ultimately reduces queue times and allows security staff to concentrate on their core responsibilities. With the implementation of this simple, effective, and cost-efficient solution, we aim to streamline airport security queues and enhance the overall travel experience for passengers worldwide.
By adopting Heskins’ PermaStripe solution, airports can enjoy improved operational efficiency, reduced wait times, and enhanced passenger satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about Heskins’ PermaStripe and how it can benefit your airport security operations. Together, let’s create a smoother and more efficient travel experience for all.



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