Post Production Anti Slip Tape Conversion

Anti slip tape is a difficult material to work with, unlike any other self adhesive material this product requires specific machinery to not only modify it but the machinery needs to be shielded to protect working parts from the abrasive grit coating. Over the past 15 years we have acquired a large amount of experience, the product is so different from anything else, our experience has enabled us to invent machines that do not exist elsewhere, we have a continual rolling program of either replacing machinery or upgrading them. We strongly believe that waste, labour and production time can be repeatedly reduced year-on-year by investing in better machines.

Die cutting

Anti Slip Tape Die CutterHeskins has the most modern large bed size die cutters available anywhere in the world. We use 40 ton presses; web fed fully automatic die cutters. Each press is fed from an extra long length roll of anti slip tape, each machine is touch screen PLC controlled, recipes are stored to enable smooth production with waste being minimised. All die cutters are controlled centrally from our production network enabling us to track progress for all job sheets. We use laser cut tooling ensuring the produced parts are accurate to 0.1mm. Due to the abrasive nature of the grit all working parts are sealed and extraction facilities are installed.

Rotary die cutting

Anti Slip Tape Rotary Die CutterFor smaller parts, kiss cuts, butterfly liners etc we can use one of rotary cutters. A rotary die cut process enables extremely high outputs, generally measured in multiple metres per minute. The tool is a laser etched shaft.


Multiple knife slitting

To cut anti slip tape you need a lot of pressure, we use blades that are sharpened ‘blunt’, this is done to prevent the minerals (bear in mind that aluminum oxide is almost the same rating as a pure diamond on the MoH scale of hardness) snapping off the edge, we use the highest quality (and most expensive) steel blades, the huge amount of pressure pressing down performs the slitting of anti slip tape. We have to keep a large stock of blades that are ready to use, the knives very soon lose their usefulness and need replacing, a very expensive procedure! All working parts on our multiple knife slitters have to be above the cutting process, the dust created is an abrasive cloud and will rapidly destroy any bearing.

Single knife slitting

Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape Single Knife SlitterFor slitting non-abrasive anti slip tapes we use one of our lathe slitter, they rapidly produce accurately slit rolls ensuring high quality whilst minimising production costs.



Anti Slip Tape SheeterWe own the design rights to our own specifically designed sheeters. Our sheeters are web fed, PLC controlled, create high enough pressures to cut through the anti slip tape and have inbuilt protection against the abrasive dust generated.


Dependant on quantity, we can offer you cost effective, efficient bespoke products for your business. For more information, contact the sales team via phone or live chat. Alter­natively complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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