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Preventing Slips & Falls in Catering & Hospitality


In fast-paced, high energy environments, you need good safety measures in place to protect against slips & falls. Here we detail various anti-slip methods.

Catering and hospitality are two fast paced, high-energy envi­ron­ments, of which surround workers and the public, in some cases, with possible hazards, a major one being slippery floors. Slippery floors are the catalyst to further injuries in the kitchen, with hobs, ovens and fryers in constant use, as well as sharp kitchen implements, ensuring the walking surface is clean, dry and safe is one of the most vital safety checks to perform, constantly. Following these steps is vital to ensuring a safe working environment for your staff and guests.

  • Spillages throughout the day must be cleaned immediately to prevent slips.
  • Ensure the cleaning equipment is right for the type of flooring in your premises, efficient, thorough cleaning is always required, with the right cleaning solution to remove all types of spillages, particularly oil and grease.
  • Make sure staff wear sensible footwear, with plenty of grip. Slip-resistant footwear, but only if absolutely necessary, would be a good idea.
  • Ensure all staff are fully trained in cleaning procedures and ensure no shortcuts are made.
  • Planning ahead makes it easier to deal with or reduce potential problems.
  • Installing anti-slip flooring first and foremost will help reduce the risk of hazards and prevent all spillages being as slippery.

One of the most thorough guides on the web is the HSE guide: Stop slips in kitchens: A good practice guide. This guide features all the information you could require to ensure you are meeting health and safety regulations and most of all, protecting your employees and guests if applicable as much as you possibly can, in a safe environment that allows your staff to perform their tasks to the highest standards, and your guests enjoy the occasion in complete comfort.

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