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Printed Anti Slip Warning Tape for Stair Nosings, Loading Docks


Printed anti-slip warning tape provides various functions to ensure it is a cost-effective safety product. Read about it’s used inside!

Two blog posts in two days, it’s a record for me, but we have so many good ideas, products and solutions that I want to shout about them! We are selling more and more printed anti-slip tape materials, they perform so many good tasks, not only providing a sound slip-proof surface but displaying warnings, messages, logos etc. Some years ago we decided that we should create our own mini-range of printed anti-slip warning tape that would provide a generic solution to the common requests (we need a minimum order volume for bespoke printing onto our safety-grip).

The first one was easy; ‘ATTENTION – DANGER’ printed black text onto a yellow base, 75mmx18.3m and the text is repeated at regular intervals. The text is very visible, the width of 75mm is ideal and it lends itself to so many applications; stair nosings, mid-level warehouse docks, walkway edges etc. We now offer another generic text, in French, ‘SEUIL DE DISCRETION’. I hope that these products might be of interest, as always, samples can be sent. If you have a bespoke requirement for printed safety-grip, please enquire, we can immediately provide a price and MOQ.

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